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C_E_ClInclude –. More...

#include <build-system/project_tree_builder/msbuild/ClInclude_.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  E_Choice { e_not_set = 0 , e_AdditionalIncludeDirectories , e_AnyContent }
 Choice variants. More...
enum  E_ChoiceStopper { e_MaxChoice = 3 }
 Maximum+1 value of the choice variant enumerator. More...
typedef NCBI_NS_STD::string TAdditionalIncludeDirectories
typedef NCBI_NS_NCBI::CAnyContentObject TAnyContent

Public Member Functions

 C_E_ClInclude (void)
 ~C_E_ClInclude (void)
void Reset (void)
 Reset the whole object. More...
void ResetSelection (void)
 Reset the selection (set it to e_not_set). More...
E_Choice Which (void) const
 Which variant is currently selected. More...
void CheckSelected (E_Choice index) const
 Verify selection, throw exception if it differs from the expected. More...
void ThrowInvalidSelection (E_Choice index) const
 Throw 'InvalidSelection' exception. More...
void Select (E_Choice index, NCBI_NS_NCBI::EResetVariant reset=NCBI_NS_NCBI::eDoResetVariant)
 Select the requested variant if needed. More...
void Select (E_Choice index, NCBI_NS_NCBI::EResetVariant reset, NCBI_NS_NCBI::CObjectMemoryPool *pool)
 Select the requested variant if needed, allocating CObject variants from memory pool. More...
bool IsAdditionalIncludeDirectories (void) const
 Check if variant AdditionalIncludeDirectories is selected. More...
const TAdditionalIncludeDirectoriesGetAdditionalIncludeDirectories (void) const
 Get the variant data. More...
TAdditionalIncludeDirectoriesSetAdditionalIncludeDirectories (void)
 Select the variant. More...
void SetAdditionalIncludeDirectories (const TAdditionalIncludeDirectories &value)
 Select the variant and set its data. More...
bool IsAnyContent (void) const
 Check if variant AnyContent is selected. More...
const TAnyContentGetAnyContent (void) const
 Get the variant data. More...
TAnyContentSetAnyContent (void)
 Select the variant. More...
void SetAnyContent (TAnyContent &value)
 Select the variant and set its data. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static NCBI_NS_STD::string SelectionName (E_Choice index)
 Retrieve selection name (for diagnostic purposes). More...

Private Types

typedef NCBI_NS_NCBI::CSerialObject Tparent

Private Member Functions

 C_E_ClInclude (const C_E_ClInclude &)
C_E_ClIncludeoperator= (const C_E_ClInclude &)
void DoSelect (E_Choice index, NCBI_NS_NCBI::CObjectMemoryPool *pool=0)

Private Attributes

E_Choice m_choice
union {
   NCBI_NS_NCBI::CUnionBuffer< NCBI_NS_STD::string >   CClInclude_Base::C_E_ClInclude::m_string
   NCBI_NS_NCBI::CSerialObject *   CClInclude_Base::C_E_ClInclude::m_object

Static Private Attributes

static const char *const sm_SelectionNames []

Detailed Description

C_E_ClInclude –.

Definition at line 338 of file ClInclude_.hpp.

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