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CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData Class Reference

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#include <gui/widgets/edit/macro_featloc_itemdata.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData ()
 ~CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData ()
virtual string GetMacroDescription () const
virtual string GetFunction (TConstraints &constraints) const
virtual string GetVariables ()
virtual vector< stringGetFunctionNames () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEditFeatLocTreeItemData
virtual ~CEditFeatLocTreeItemData ()
virtual bool UpdateTarget ()
virtual bool HasVariables () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMacroActionItemData
virtual ~CMacroActionItemData ()
virtual const vector< string > & GetKeywords () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMacroActionItemData
virtual ~IMacroActionItemData ()
void CreateParamPanel (wxStaticBoxSizer &action_sizer, wxPanel *parent)
void DeleteParamPanel ()
const stringGetGeneralDescription () const
void SetTarget (const CTempString &target)
const pair< string, stringGetTarget () const
virtual void UpdateTarget (const TConstraints &constraints)
const stringGetWarning () const
void ResetWarning ()
bool TransferDataFromPanel ()
bool TransferDataToPanel (const vector< CFuncWithArgs > &func_info)
ECustomPanelType GetCustomPanelType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMacroPanelItemData
virtual vector< stringGetMainFunctions () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMacroScriptElements
virtual ~IMacroScriptElements ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IMacroActionItemData
using TArguments = CArgumentList::TArguments
- Public Types inherited from IMacroScriptElements
using TConstraints = vector< pair< string, string > >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CEditFeatLocTreeItemData
 CEditFeatLocTreeItemData (const string &description, const string &panel_name, const TArgumentsVector &arguments)
string x_CommonEditFeatLocDescr (size_t index) const
string x_CommonEditFeatLocVars (size_t index) const
string x_CommonEditFeatFunc (size_t index) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CMacroActionItemData
 CMacroActionItemData (const string &description, EMacroFieldType type=EMacroFieldType::eNotSet)
vector< stringx_GetPubFunctions () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMacroActionItemData
 IMacroActionItemData (const string &description)
void x_LoadPanel (wxWindow *parent, const string &panel_name, const TArgumentsVector &arguments)
string x_GetVariables (const vector< CTempString > &args) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from CMacroActionItemData
EMacroFieldType m_FieldType
 for actions such as appply/edit/etc. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from IMacroActionItemData
string m_Description
CTempString m_Target
string m_SelectedField
unique_ptr< CMacroPanelLoaderm_Panel { nullptr }
 constructed panel for specifying function arguments More...
CArgumentList m_ArgList
TArguments m_Args
vector< stringm_Keywords
string m_Warning
ECustomPanelType m_Type { ECustomPanelType::eCustomPanelNotSet }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file macro_featloc_itemdata.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData()

CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData ( )

Definition at line 417 of file macro_featloc_itemdata.cpp.

◆ ~CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData()

CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::~CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData ( )

Definition at line 156 of file macro_featloc_itemdata.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFunction()

string CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::GetFunction ( TConstraints constraints) const

◆ GetFunctionNames()

vector< string > CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::GetFunctionNames ( ) const

Reimplemented from CMacroPanelItemData.

Definition at line 451 of file macro_featloc_itemdata.cpp.

◆ GetMacroDescription()

string CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::GetMacroDescription ( ) const

◆ GetVariables()

string CConvertLocTypeTreeItemData::GetVariables ( )

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