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CDBConnParams Class Referenceabstract

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#include <dbapi/driver/interfaces.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EServerType {
  eUnknown , eMySQL , eSybaseOpenServer , eSybaseSQLServer ,

Public Member Functions

 CDBConnParams (void)
virtual ~CDBConnParams (void)
virtual string GetDriverName (void) const =0
virtual Uint4 GetProtocolVersion (void) const =0
virtual EEncoding GetEncoding (void) const =0
virtual string GetServerName (void) const =0
virtual string GetDatabaseName (void) const =0
virtual string GetUserName (void) const =0
virtual string GetPassword (void) const =0
virtual EServerType GetServerType (void) const =0
virtual Uint4 GetHost (void) const =0
virtual Uint2 GetPort (void) const =0
virtual CRef< IConnValidatorGetConnValidator (void) const =0
virtual const impl::CDBHandlerStackGetOpeningMsgHandlers (void) const =0
virtual string GetParam (const string &key) const =0
 Parameters, which are not listed above explicitly, should be retrieved via SetParam() method. More...

Protected Member Functions

void SetChildObj (const CDBConnParams &child_obj) const
void ReleaseChildObj (void) const
const CDBConnParamsGetThis (void) const

Private Member Functions

 CDBConnParams (const CDBConnParams &other)
CDBConnParamsoperator= (const CDBConnParams &other)

Private Attributes

const CDBConnParamsm_ChildObj


class CDBConnParamsDelegate

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