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CDBParams Class Referenceabstract

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CDBParams. More...

#include <dbapi/driver/interfaces.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EDirection { eIn , eOut , eInOut }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CDBParams (void)
virtual unsigned int GetNum (void) const =0
 Get total number of columns in resultset. More...
virtual const stringGetName (const CDBParamVariant &param, CDBParamVariant::ENameFormat format=CDBParamVariant::eSQLServerName) const =0
 Get name of column. More...
virtual unsigned int GetIndex (const CDBParamVariant &param) const =0
virtual size_t GetMaxSize (const CDBParamVariant &param) const =0
 Get maximum size in bytes for column. More...
virtual EDB_Type GetDataType (const CDBParamVariant &param) const =0
 Get data type for column in the resultset. More...
virtual const CDB_ObjectGetValue (const CDBParamVariant &param) const =0
 Get value of column. More...
virtual EDirection GetDirection (const CDBParamVariant &param) const =0
 Get parameter's direction (in/out/inout). More...
virtual CDBParamsBind (const CDBParamVariant &param, CDB_Object *value, bool out_param=false)
 This method stores pointer to data. More...
virtual CDBParamsSet (const CDBParamVariant &param, CDB_Object *value, bool out_param=false)
 This method stores copy of data. More...
virtual CDBParamsSemiShallowClone (void) const =0
 Yield a lightweight copy of these parameters, sharing representations for variable-length datatypes. More...

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