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CDB_Binary Class Reference

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#include <dbapi/driver/types.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CDB_Binary (size_t s=1)
 CDB_Binary (size_t s, const void *v, size_t v_size)
 CDB_Binary (const CDB_Binary &v, bool share_data=false)
virtual ~CDB_Binary ()
void SetValue (const void *v, size_t v_size)
CDB_Binaryoperator= (const CDB_Binary &v)
const void * Value () const
const void * Data () const
size_t Size () const
virtual EDB_Type GetType () const
virtual CDB_ObjectClone () const
virtual CDB_ObjectShallowClone () const
virtual void AssignValue (const CDB_Object &v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDB_Object
 CDB_Object (bool is_null=true)
virtual ~CDB_Object ()
bool IsNULL () const
virtual void AssignNULL ()
string GetLogString (void) const

Protected Types

typedef CObjectFor< stringTValue

Protected Attributes

size_t m_Size
CRef< TValuem_Value

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CDB_Object
static CDB_ObjectCreate (EDB_Type type, size_t size=1)
static const char * GetTypeName (EDB_Type db_type, bool throw_on_unknown=true)
static EBlobType GetBlobType (EDB_Type db_type)
static bool IsBlobType (EDB_Type db_type)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDB_Object
void SetNULL (bool flag=true)

Detailed Description

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