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CDB_BlobDescriptor Class Reference

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#include <dbapi/driver/public.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  ETDescriptorType { eUnknown , eText , eBinary }

Public Member Functions

 CDB_BlobDescriptor (const string &table_name, const string &column_name, const string &search_conditions, ETDescriptorType column_type=eUnknown, ETriState has_legacy_type=eTriState_Unknown)
virtual ~CDB_BlobDescriptor (void)
virtual int DescriptorType (void) const
const stringTableName () const
void SetTableName (const string &name)
const stringColumnName () const
void SetColumnName (const string &name)
const stringSearchConditions () const
void SetSearchConditions (const string &cond)
ETDescriptorType GetColumnType (void) const
void SetColumnType (ETDescriptorType type)
ETriState GetHasLegacyType (void) const
void SetHasLegacyType (ETriState state)
- Public Member Functions inherited from I_BlobDescriptor
virtual ~I_BlobDescriptor (void)

Protected Attributes

string m_TableName
string m_ColumnName
string m_SearchConditions
ETDescriptorType m_ColumnType
ETriState m_HasLegacyType

Detailed Description

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