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CDB_CursorCmd Class Reference

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#include <dbapi/driver/public.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual CDBParamsGetBindParams (void)
 Get meta-information about parameters. More...
virtual CDBParamsGetDefineParams (void)
 Get meta-information about defined parameters. More...
bool BindParam (const string &name, CDB_Object *value)
virtual CDB_ResultOpen ()
 Open the cursor. More...
virtual bool Update (const string &table_name, const string &upd_query)
 Update the last fetched row. More...
virtual bool UpdateBlob (unsigned int item_num, CDB_Stream &data, bool log_it=true)
virtual CDB_SendDataCmdSendDataCmd (unsigned int item_num, size_t size, bool log_it=true, bool discard_results=true)
 Make "send-data" command. More...
virtual bool Delete (const string &table_name)
 Delete the last fetched row. More...
virtual int RowCount () const
 Get the number of fetched rows Special case: negative on error or if there is no way that this command could ever affect any rows (like PRINT). More...
virtual bool Close ()
 Close the cursor. More...
virtual ~CDB_CursorCmd ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from I_CursorCmd
 I_CursorCmd (void)
virtual ~I_CursorCmd (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CParamRecordset
 CParamRecordset (void)
virtual ~CParamRecordset (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CParamStmt
 CParamStmt (void)
virtual ~CParamStmt (void)

Private Member Functions

 CDB_CursorCmd (impl::CBaseCmd *cur)
CDB_CursorCmdoperator= (const CDB_CursorCmd &)
 CDB_CursorCmd (const CDB_CursorCmd &)
 CDB_CursorCmd ()
void ReleaseImpl (void)

Private Attributes



class impl::CConnection
class CInterfaceHook< CDB_CursorCmd >

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from I_CursorCmd
bool UpdateTextImage (unsigned int item_num, CDB_Stream &data, bool log_it=true)

Detailed Description

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