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CDB_SQLEx Class Reference

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#include <dbapi/driver/exception.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef int TErrCode
- Public Types inherited from CDB_Exception
enum  EErrCode {
  eDS , eRPC , eSQL , eDeadlock ,
  eTimeout , eClient , eMulti , eTruncate
 Error types that can be generated. More...
typedef EErrCode EType

Public Member Functions

 CDB_SQLEx (const CDiagCompileInfo &info, const CException *prev_exception, const SMessageInContext &message, EDiagSev severity, int db_err_code, const string &sql_state, int batch_line)
 CDB_SQLEx (const CDB_SQLEx &other)
virtual ~ CDB_SQLEx (void) noexcept
const char * GetType (void) const override
TErrCode GetErrCode (void) const
virtual CDB_ExceptionClone (void) const override
virtual const CExceptionx_Clone (void) const override
const stringSqlState () const
int BatchLine () const
virtual void ReportExtra (ostream &out) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDB_Exception
EDB_Severity Severity (void) const
int GetDBErrCode (void) const
const char * SeverityString (void) const
virtual const char * GetErrCodeString (void) const override
EType Type (void) const
virtual const char * TypeString () const
int ErrCode (void) const
const stringMessage (void) const
const stringOriginatedFrom () const
void SetServerName (const string &sn)
const stringGetServerName (void) const
void SetUserName (const string &name)
const stringGetUserName (void) const
void SetDatabaseName (const string &d)
const stringGetDatabaseName (void) const
const SContextGetContext (void) const
void ApplyContext (const SContext &ctx)
void SetFromConnection (const impl::CConnection &connection)
void SetExtraMsg (const string &msg)
const stringGetExtraMsg (void) const
void SetParams (const CDBParams *params)
void SetParams (const CDBParams &params)
CConstRef< SParamsGetParams (void) const
void SetRowsInBatch (unsigned int n)
unsigned int GetRowsInBatch (void) const
void SetSybaseSeverity (int severity)
 WARNING !!! Sybase severity value can be provided by Sybase/FreeTDS ctlib drivers only. More...
int GetSybaseSeverity (void) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void x_Assign (const CException &src) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDB_Exception
void x_StartOfWhat (ostream &out) const
void x_EndOfWhat (ostream &out) const
void x_Init (const CDiagCompileInfo &info, const string &message, const CException *prev_exception, EDiagSev severity) override
void x_InitCDB (int db_error_code)
SContextx_SetContext (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static void xx_unused_CDB_SQLEx (void)

Private Attributes

string m_SqlState
int m_BatchLine

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CDB_Exception
static const char * SeverityString (EDB_Severity sev)
template<class E >
static void MakeException (const CDiagCompileInfo &info, const SMessageInContext &message, EDiagSev severity, int db_err_code)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDB_Exception
int m_DBErrCode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 368 of file exception.hpp.

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