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CDelayBuffer Class Reference

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CDelayBuffer. More...

#include <serial/delaybuf.hpp>


struct  SInfo

Public Types

typedef int TFormatFlags

Public Member Functions

 CDelayBuffer (void)
 ~CDelayBuffer (void)
bool Delayed (void) const
 Check if there is input data in the buffer. More...
void Forget (void)
 Forget the stored data. More...
void Update (void)
 Parse stored data. More...
bool HaveFormat (ESerialDataFormat format) const
 Check stored data format. More...
CByteSourceGetSource (void) const
 Get data source. More...
TMemberIndex GetIndex (void) const
 Get member index. More...
void SetData (const CItemInfo *itemInfo, TObjectPtr object, ESerialDataFormat dataFormat, TFormatFlags flags, CByteSource &data)
 Reset the buffer with a new data. More...

Private Member Functions

 CDelayBuffer (const CDelayBuffer &)
CDelayBufferoperator== (const CDelayBuffer &)
void DoUpdate (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static void * operator new (size_t)

Private Attributes

unique_ptr< SInfom_Info

Detailed Description


Memory buffer to hold unparsed input data

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