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CDensityMap< CntType > Class Template Reference

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class CDensityMap generates a low-resolution view of a set of features. More...

#include <gui/objutils/density_map.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef vector< CntType > container_type
typedef container_type::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef container_type::iterator iterator
typedef CDenMapRunIterator< CntType > runlen_iterator
typedef binary_functor< CntType > accum_functor
typedef vector< size_t > TDataPoints

Public Member Functions

 CDensityMap (TSeqPos start=0, TSeqPos stop=0, double window=1, accum_functor *func=NULL, CntType def=(CntType) 0)
 CDensityMap (const objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, double window=1, accum_functor *func=NULL, CntType def=(CntType) 0)
 CDensityMap (const CDensityMap< CntType > &map)
CDensityMap< CntType > & operator= (const CDensityMap< CntType > &map)
virtual ~CDensityMap ()
virtual void AddRange (TSeqRange range, CntType score=1, bool expand=false)
virtual void AddRanges (CRangeCollection< TSeqPos > ranges, CntType score=1, bool expand=false)
CntType AddLocation (const objects::CSeq_loc &loc)
CntType AddFeature (const objects::CSeq_feat &feature)
CntType AddFeatures (const objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, objects::SAnnotSelector sel)
 All features on this bioseq selected by sel in the range of this. More...
CntType AddAlignments (const objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, objects::SAnnotSelector sel)
 All alignments on this bioseq selected by sel in the range of this. More...
CntType AddAlignments (const objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, const objects::CSeq_annot &seq_annot)
 All alignments in a given annotation on this bioseq within the range of this. More...
void Clear ()
TSeqPos GetStart () const
TSeqPos GetStop () const
TSeqRange GetRange () const
double GetWindow () const
size_t GetBins () const
CntType GetMax () const
CntType GetMin () const
CntType GetDefVal () const
void SetMax (const CntType &max)
void SetMin (const CntType &min)
const accum_functorGetAccum () const
void ExtendTo (TSeqPos stop)
 extend our density map to cover the sequence position stop. More...
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
runlen_iterator RunLenBegin () const
runlen_iterator RunLenIterator (typename container_type::size_type n) const
CntType operator[] (typename container_type::size_type n) const
CntType & operator[] (typename container_type::size_type n)

Static Public Member Functions

static TSeqPos GetDensityMap (const objects::CBioseq_Handle &handle, TSeqPos start, TSeqPos stop, TSeqPos window, objects::SAnnotSelector sel, vector< TSeqPos > &density)
 OLD static method. More...

Protected Member Functions

size_t x_CalcNbins ()
 given the range and window size, how many bins should there be? More...
size_t x_BinN (TSeqPos p)
 convert from sequence coords to a bin number. More...

Protected Attributes

TSeqRange m_Range
 closed range on a sequence this covers. More...
double m_Window
 coordinates per bin. More...
CntType m_DefVal
 Default value. More...
CntType m_Max
 maximum Count accumulated in the bins so far. More...
CntType m_Min
 Smallest count in a bin. More...
container_type m_Bins
 Where we actually keep the accumulated counts/scores/whatever. More...
unique_ptr< accum_functorm_AccumFunc

Detailed Description

template<typename CntType>
class CDensityMap< CntType >

class CDensityMap generates a low-resolution view of a set of features.

The features to be processed are defined by the SAnnotSelector object. The return value is a vector of counts, one for each of the bins defined by the window width and spanning the range from start to stop. If start and stop are both zero, then the entire sequence is evaluated.

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