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CEncodedString Class Reference

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CEncodedString –. More...

#include <corelib/ncbistr.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 CEncodedString (void)
 CEncodedString (const CTempString s, NStr::EUrlEncode flag=NStr::eUrlEnc_SkipMarkChars)
void SetString (const CTempString s, NStr::EUrlEncode flag=NStr::eUrlEnc_SkipMarkChars)
 Set new original string. More...
bool IsEncoded (void) const
 Check if the original string was encoded. More...
const stringGetOriginalString (void) const
 Get the original unencoded string. More...
const stringGetEncodedString (void) const
 Get encoded string. More...
bool IsEmpty (void) const
 Check if the string is empty. More...

Private Attributes

string m_Original
unique_ptr< stringm_Encoded

Detailed Description

CEncodedString –.

Class to detect if a string needs to be URL-encoded and hold both encoded and original versions.


Definition at line 4822 of file ncbistr.hpp.

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