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CGff3LocationRecord Class Reference

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#include <objtools/readers/gff3_location_merger.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CGff3LocationRecord (const CGff2Record &, unsigned int, CGff3ReadRecord::SeqIdResolver)
 CGff3LocationRecord (const CGff3LocationRecord &)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool ComparePartNumbers (const CGff3LocationRecord &lhs, const CGff3LocationRecord &rhs)
static bool ComparePositions (const CGff3LocationRecord &lhs, const CGff3LocationRecord &rhs)

Public Attributes

CSeq_id mGffId
TSeqPos mStart
TSeqPos mStop
ENa_strand mStrand
string mType
size_t mPartNum
CCdregion::EFrame mFrame
string mSeqId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file gff3_location_merger.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGff3LocationRecord() [1/2]

CGff3LocationRecord::CGff3LocationRecord ( const CGff2Record record,
unsigned int  flags,
CGff3ReadRecord::SeqIdResolver  seqIdResolve 

◆ CGff3LocationRecord() [2/2]

CGff3LocationRecord::CGff3LocationRecord ( const CGff3LocationRecord other)

Definition at line 69 of file gff3_location_merger.cpp.

References CSeq_id::Assign(), mFrame, mGffId, mPartNum, mSeqId, mStart, mStop, mStrand, and mType.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComparePartNumbers()

static bool CGff3LocationRecord::ComparePartNumbers ( const CGff3LocationRecord lhs,
const CGff3LocationRecord rhs 

Definition at line 66 of file gff3_location_merger.hpp.

References mPartNum.

Referenced by CGff3LocationMerger::xSortLocations().

◆ ComparePositions()

bool CGff3LocationRecord::ComparePositions ( const CGff3LocationRecord lhs,
const CGff3LocationRecord rhs 

Definition at line 86 of file gff3_location_merger.cpp.

References eNa_strand_minus, mStart, and mStrand.

Referenced by CGff3LocationMerger::xSortLocations().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mFrame

CCdregion::EFrame CGff3LocationRecord::mFrame

Definition at line 63 of file gff3_location_merger.hpp.

Referenced by CGff3LocationRecord().

◆ mGffId

CSeq_id CGff3LocationRecord::mGffId

◆ mPartNum

size_t CGff3LocationRecord::mPartNum

Definition at line 62 of file gff3_location_merger.hpp.

Referenced by CGff3LocationRecord(), and ComparePartNumbers().

◆ mSeqId

string CGff3LocationRecord::mSeqId

◆ mStart

TSeqPos CGff3LocationRecord::mStart

◆ mStop

TSeqPos CGff3LocationRecord::mStop

◆ mStrand

ENa_strand CGff3LocationRecord::mStrand

◆ mType

string CGff3LocationRecord::mType

Definition at line 61 of file gff3_location_merger.hpp.

Referenced by CGff3LocationRecord().

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