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#include <gui/opengl/glutils.hpp>

Public Types

enum  EAccelState { eNotDetermined , eAccelerated , eNotAccelerated }
 status of hardware acceleration. More...
enum  EGlDiagMode {
  eUndefined , eIgnore , eLogPost , eThrow ,

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckGlError ()
 Check if there are any OpenGL errors. More...
static EGlDiagMode GetDiagnosticMode ()
 Get current diagnostic (error handling) mode. More...
static string GetErrMsg (GLint error)
 Get message for specified OpenGL error. More...
static void DumpState ()
 Dump many of the most common OpenGL states. More...
static EAccelState GetAccelerated (void)
 Get the status of hardware acceleration. More...
static void SetAccelerated (EAccelState acc)
 Set the status of hardware acceleration. More...

Static Private Attributes

static EAccelState m_Accel = CGlUtils::eNotDetermined

Detailed Description

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