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Grid CGI Context Context in which a request is processed. More...

#include <misc/grid_cgi/grid_cgiapp.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef map< string, stringTPersistentEntries

Public Member Functions

 CGridCgiContext (CHTMLPage &page, CCgiContext &ctx)
 ~CGridCgiContext ()
CHTMLPageGetHTMLPage (void)
 Get an HTML page. More...
string GetSelfURL (void) const
 Get Self URL. More...
const stringGetJobKey (void) const
 Get Current job key. More...
const stringGetJobProgressMessage (void) const
 Get current job progress message. More...
const stringGetEntryValue (const string &entry_name) const
 Get a value from a CGI request. More...
void PullUpPersistentEntry (const string &entry_name)
 Save this entry as a cookie add it to serf url. More...
void DefinePersistentEntry (const string &entry_name, const string &value)
CCgiContextGetCGIContext ()
 Get CGI Context. More...
void SetCompleteResponse (CNcbiIstream &is)
bool NeedRenderPage () const
string GetHiddenFields () const
const stringGetJobInput () const
const stringGetJobOutput () const
 CGridCgiContext (SInputValidator &input_validator, CHTMLPage &page, CHTMLPage &custom_http_header, CCgiContext &ctx)
string GetSelfURL (bool include_entries=true) const
const stringGetJobProgressMessage () const
const stringGetPersistentEntryValue (const string &entry_name) const
void GetQueryStringEntryValue (const string &entry_name, string &value) const
void GetRequestEntryValue (const string &entry_name, string &value) const
void PullUpPersistentEntry (const string &entry_name)
void PullUpPersistentEntry (const string &entry_name, string &value, int pulling=eDefaultPulling)
void DefinePersistentEntry (const string &entry_name, const string &value)
const TPersistentEntriesGetPersistentEntries () const
bool HasCtgTime () const
void LoadQueryStringTags (CHTMLPlainText::EEncodeMode encode_mode)
void SelectView (const string &view_name)
bool NeedRenderPage () const
void NeedRenderPage (bool value)
bool NeedMetaRefresh () const
stringGetJobKey ()
stringGetJqueryCallback ()
void Clear ()
void SetJobProgressMessage (const string &msg)
void AddTagMap (const string &n, const string &v, CHTMLPlainText::EEncodeMode m=CHTMLPlainText::eHTMLEncode)

Private Types

typedef map< string, stringTPersistedEntries

Private Member Functions

void Clear ()
 Remove all persisted entries from cookie and self url. More...
void SetJobKey (const string &job_key)
void SetJobProgressMessage (const string &msg)
void SetJobInput (const string &input)
void SetJobOutput (const string &output)
 CGridCgiContext (const CGridCgiContext &)
 A copy constructor and an assignment operator are prohibited. More...
CGridCgiContextoperator= (const CGridCgiContext &)

Private Attributes

TCgiEntries m_ParsedQueryString
TPersistedEntries m_PersistedEntries
string m_ProgressMsg
string m_JobInput
string m_JobOutput
bool m_NeedRenderPage
TPersistentEntries m_PersistentEntries
string m_JobKey
string m_JqueryCallback
bool m_NeedMetaRefresh


class CGridCgiApplication

Detailed Description

Grid CGI Context Context in which a request is processed.

Definition at line 67 of file grid_cgiapp.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void CGridCgiContext::Clear ( )

◆ DefinePersistentEntry()

void CGridCgiContext::DefinePersistentEntry ( const string entry_name,
const string value 

◆ GetHTMLPage()

CHTMLPage& CGridCgiContext::GetHTMLPage ( void  )

Definition at line 260 of file cgi2rcgi.cpp.

References m_Page.

◆ GetJobProgressMessage()

const string& CGridCgiContext::GetJobProgressMessage ( void  ) const

Definition at line 266 of file cgi2rcgi.cpp.

References m_ProgressMsg.

◆ NeedRenderPage()

bool CGridCgiContext::NeedRenderPage ( ) const

Definition at line 289 of file cgi2rcgi.cpp.

References m_NeedRenderPage.

◆ PullUpPersistentEntry()

void CGridCgiContext::PullUpPersistentEntry ( const string entry_name)

◆ SetJobProgressMessage()

void CGridCgiContext::SetJobProgressMessage ( const string msg)

Definition at line 300 of file cgi2rcgi.cpp.

References m_ProgressMsg.

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