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CHitMatrixWidget Class Reference

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class CHitMatrixWidget More...

#include <gui/widgets/hit_matrix/hit_matrix_widget.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef list< CConstRef< objects::CSeq_id > > TIdRefList
typedef CHitMatrixPane::TRangeColl TRangeColl
- Public Types inherited from CGlWidgetBase
- Public Types inherited from CEventHandler
enum  EDispatch { eDispatch_SelfOnly , eDispatch_AllHandlers , eDispatch_FirstHandler , eDispatch_Default = eDispatch_AllHandlers }
 enum controlling dispatching strategies More...
enum  EPoolName {
  ePool_Default = 0 , ePool_Parent , ePool_Child , ePool_Sibling ,
 Identifiers for standard pools. More...
typedef vector< CEventHandler * > TListeners
typedef map< int, TListenersTPools
typedef list< AutoPtr< SPostRequest > > TPostRequests
typedef std::map< CEventHandler *, intTHandlerToCount
typedef void(* FOnPostCallback) ()

Public Member Functions

 CHitMatrixWidget (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxTAB_TRAVERSAL)
virtual ~CHitMatrixWidget ()
virtual CGlPaneGetPort ()
 implement these 2 functions in derived classes More...
virtual const CGlPaneGetPort () const
virtual void SetDataSource (IHitMatrixDataSource *p_ds)
virtual IHitMatrixDataSourceGetDS ()
virtual void SetScaleX (TModelUnit scale_x, const TModelPoint &point)
virtual CHitMatrixRendererGetRenderer ()
const TRangeCollGetSubjectRangeSelection () const
const TRangeCollGetQueryRangeSelection () const
void SetSubjectRangeSelection (const TRangeColl &segs)
void SetQueryRangeSelection (const TRangeColl &segs)
void SetQueryVisibleRange (const TSeqRange &range)
void SetSubjectVisibleRange (const TSeqRange &range)
void ResetObjectSelection ()
void GetObjectSelection (TConstObjects &objs) const
void SetObjectSelection (const vector< const objects::CSeq_align * > sel_aligns)
Command and Event handlers
void OnContextMenu (wxContextMenuEvent &event)
void OnZoomSelection (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnUpdateZoomSelection (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
void OnZoomToHits (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomToSelectedHitElems (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnUpdateZoomToSelectedHitElems (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
void OnSetEqualScale (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChooseSeq (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnColorByScore (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnDisableColoring (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnUpdateDisableColoring (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
void OnSetupGraphs (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnResetSelection (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSavePdf (wxCommandEvent &)
void OnEnableSavePdfCmdUpdate (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGlWidgetBase
 CGlWidgetBase (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxTAB_TRAVERSAL, const wxString &name=wxT("panel"))
 class CGlWidgetBase More...
virtual ~CGlWidgetBase ()
virtual void Create ()
 creates controls and performs basic initialization More...
virtual void ZoomRect (const TModelRect &rc)
virtual void ZoomPoint (const TModelPoint &point, TModelUnit factor, CGlPane::EZoomOptions=CGlPane::fZoomXY)
virtual void Scroll (TModelUnit d_x, TModelUnit d_y)
virtual void NotifyVisibleRangeChanged ()
void OnAllEvents (CViewEvent::TEventObject evt)
virtual void SetRegistryPath (const string &reg_path)
virtual void LoadSettings ()
virtual void SaveSettings () const
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void OnScroll (wxScrollEvent &event)
void OnZoomIn (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomInX (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomInY (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomInMouse (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomOut (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomOutX (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomOutY (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomOutMouse (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomAll (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomAllX (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnZoomAllY (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEnableCmdUpdate (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CEventHandler
 CEventHandler ()
 CEventHandler. More...
virtual ~CEventHandler ()
virtual void AddListener (CEventHandler *listener, int pool_name=ePool_Default)
 Add a listener. More...
virtual void RemoveListener (CEventHandler *listener)
 Remove a listener. More...
virtual void RemoveAllListeners (void)
virtual bool HasListener (CEventHandler *listener, int pool_name=ePool_Default) const
 returns "true" if the given listener belongs to the specified pool More...
virtual const TListenersGetListeners (int pool_name=ePool_Default) const
 returns a set of listeners fro the specified pool More...
virtual bool OnEvent (CEvent *evt)
 Processes en event. Returns "true" if event has been processed. More...
virtual bool Dispatch (CEvent *evt, EDispatch disp_how=eDispatch_Default, int pool_name=ePool_Default)
 Dispatches an event to the listeners (but does not handle it). More...
virtual bool Send (CEvent *evt, EDispatch disp_how=eDispatch_Default, int pool_name=ePool_Default)
 Sends an event synchronously. More...
virtual bool Send (CEvent *evt, int pool_name)
void Post (CRef< CEvent > evt, EDispatch disp_how=eDispatch_Default, int pool_name=ePool_Default)
 Handles an event asynchronously (process and/or dispatch). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRegSettings
virtual ~IRegSettings ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void RegisterCommands (CUICommandRegistry &cmd_reg, wxFileArtProvider &provider)
 class CHitMatrixWidget More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CEventHandler
static bool HandlePostRequest ()
static void ClearPostQueue ()
 erases all events from the queue More...
static void DestroyPostQueue ()

Protected Types

typedef map< string, CRef< SHitColoringParams > > TScoreToParamsMap

Protected Member Functions

virtual void x_CreatePane ()
 factory method creating master pane, called form x_CreateControls() More...
virtual CGlWidgetPanex_GetPane ()
virtual void x_SetPortLimits ()
 updates model limits of the Master CGlPane More...
virtual void x_ZoomToHits ()
virtual void x_Update ()
 Update handlers. More...
virtual void x_UpdatePane ()
virtual void x_ClearScoreToParamsMap ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGlWidgetBase
virtual bool DoPopupMenu (wxMenu *menu, int x, int y)
 Override to record when (blocking) popup menu is active. More...
virtual void x_CreateControls (void)
 creates Pane, Scrollbars and other child widgets, called from Create() More...
virtual void x_RedrawControls (void)
virtual void x_SaveStates ()
virtual void x_ZoomIn (int options)
 Zoom functions. More...
virtual void x_ZoomOut (int options)
virtual void x_ZoomAll (int options)
virtual void x_UpdateOnZoom ()
virtual void x_UpdateOnHScroll ()
virtual void x_UpdateOnVScroll ()
virtual void x_UpdateScrollbars ()
virtual void x_OnScrollX (int pos)
virtual void x_OnScrollY (int pos)
virtual void x_ShowDecoratedPopupMenu (wxMenu *menu)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CEventHandler
virtual const SEvtMapGetEventMap () const
void x_DeclareDead ()
 Removes itself unavailable for async event delivery. More...
void x_AddListenerToPool (CEventHandler *listener, int pool_name)

Protected Attributes

CGlPane m_Port
CIRef< IHitMatrixDataSourcem_DataSource
unique_ptr< CHitMatrixPanem_MatrixPane
TScoreToParamsMap m_ScoreToParams
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGlWidgetBase
string m_RegPath
 path to the widget's settings in GUI Registry More...
TModelPoint m_PopupPoint
- Protected Attributes inherited from CEventHandler
TPools m_Pools

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CEventHandler
static const SEvtMap sm_EvtMap

Detailed Description

class CHitMatrixWidget

Definition at line 73 of file hit_matrix_widget.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TIdRefList

typedef list<CConstRef<objects::CSeq_id> > CHitMatrixWidget::TIdRefList

Definition at line 78 of file hit_matrix_widget.hpp.

◆ TRangeColl

Definition at line 79 of file hit_matrix_widget.hpp.

◆ TScoreToParamsMap

Definition at line 154 of file hit_matrix_widget.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CHitMatrixWidget()

CHitMatrixWidget::CHitMatrixWidget ( wxWindow *  parent,
wxWindowID  id = wxID_ANY,
const wxPoint &  pos = wxDefaultPosition,
const wxSize &  size = wxDefaultSize,
long  style = wxTAB_TRAVERSAL 

◆ ~CHitMatrixWidget()

CHitMatrixWidget::~CHitMatrixWidget ( )

Definition at line 97 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References x_ClearScoreToParamsMap().

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDS()

IHitMatrixDataSource * CHitMatrixWidget::GetDS ( void  )

◆ GetObjectSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::GetObjectSelection ( TConstObjects objs) const

Definition at line 551 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_MatrixPane.

Referenced by CDotMatrixView::GetSelection().

◆ GetPort() [1/2]

CGlPane & CHitMatrixWidget::GetPort ( )

◆ GetPort() [2/2]

const CGlPane & CHitMatrixWidget::GetPort ( void  ) const

Implements CGlWidgetBase.

Definition at line 170 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_Port.

◆ GetQueryRangeSelection()

const CHitMatrixWidget::TRangeColl & CHitMatrixWidget::GetQueryRangeSelection ( ) const

Definition at line 527 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References CHitMatrixPane::eQuery, and m_MatrixPane.

Referenced by CDotMatrixView::GetSelection().

◆ GetRenderer()

CHitMatrixRenderer & CHitMatrixWidget::GetRenderer ( )

◆ GetSubjectRangeSelection()

const CHitMatrixWidget::TRangeColl & CHitMatrixWidget::GetSubjectRangeSelection ( ) const

Definition at line 520 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References CHitMatrixPane::eSubject, and m_MatrixPane.

Referenced by CDotMatrixView::GetSelection().

◆ OnChooseSeq()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnChooseSeq ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnColorByScore()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnColorByScore ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnContextMenu()

static void CHitMatrixWidget::OnContextMenu ( wxContextMenuEvent &  event)

◆ OnDisableColoring()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnDisableColoring ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnEnableSavePdfCmdUpdate()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnEnableSavePdfCmdUpdate ( wxUpdateUIEvent &  event)

Definition at line 636 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References GetDS().

◆ OnResetSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnResetSelection ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnSavePdf()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnSavePdf ( wxCommandEvent &  )

◆ OnSetEqualScale()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnSetEqualScale ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnSetupGraphs()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnSetupGraphs ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnUpdateDisableColoring()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnUpdateDisableColoring ( wxUpdateUIEvent &  event)

◆ OnUpdateZoomSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnUpdateZoomSelection ( wxUpdateUIEvent &  event)

◆ OnUpdateZoomToSelectedHitElems()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnUpdateZoomToSelectedHitElems ( wxUpdateUIEvent &  event)

◆ OnZoomSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnZoomSelection ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnZoomToHits()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnZoomToHits ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ OnZoomToSelectedHitElems()

void CHitMatrixWidget::OnZoomToSelectedHitElems ( wxCommandEvent &  event)

◆ RegisterCommands()

void CHitMatrixWidget::RegisterCommands ( CUICommandRegistry cmd_reg,
wxFileArtProvider provider 

◆ ResetObjectSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::ResetObjectSelection ( )

Definition at line 545 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_MatrixPane.

◆ SetDataSource()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetDataSource ( IHitMatrixDataSource p_ds)

◆ SetObjectSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetObjectSelection ( const vector< const objects::CSeq_align * >  sel_aligns)

Definition at line 557 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_MatrixPane.

Referenced by CDotMatrixView::x_OnSetSelection().

◆ SetQueryRangeSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetQueryRangeSelection ( const TRangeColl segs)

◆ SetQueryVisibleRange()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetQueryVisibleRange ( const TSeqRange range)

◆ SetScaleX()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetScaleX ( TModelUnit  scale_x,
const TModelPoint point 

◆ SetSubjectRangeSelection()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetSubjectRangeSelection ( const TRangeColl segs)

◆ SetSubjectVisibleRange()

void CHitMatrixWidget::SetSubjectVisibleRange ( const TSeqRange range)

◆ x_ClearScoreToParamsMap()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_ClearScoreToParamsMap ( )

Definition at line 610 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References map_checker< Container >::clear(), and m_ScoreToParams.

Referenced by ~CHitMatrixWidget().

◆ x_CreatePane()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_CreatePane ( )

factory method creating master pane, called form x_CreateControls()

Implements CGlWidgetBase.

Definition at line 126 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

◆ x_GetPane()

CGlWidgetPane * CHitMatrixWidget::x_GetPane ( )

Reimplemented from CGlWidgetBase.

Definition at line 132 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_MatrixPane.

◆ x_SetPortLimits()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_SetPortLimits ( )

◆ x_Update()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_Update ( )

◆ x_UpdatePane()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_UpdatePane ( )

Definition at line 591 of file hit_matrix_widget.cpp.

References m_MatrixPane.

Referenced by x_Update().

◆ x_ZoomToHits()

void CHitMatrixWidget::x_ZoomToHits ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_DataSource

CIRef<IHitMatrixDataSource> CHitMatrixWidget::m_DataSource

◆ m_MatrixPane

unique_ptr<CHitMatrixPane> CHitMatrixWidget::m_MatrixPane

◆ m_Port

CGlPane CHitMatrixWidget::m_Port

◆ m_ScoreToParams

TScoreToParamsMap CHitMatrixWidget::m_ScoreToParams

Definition at line 155 of file hit_matrix_widget.hpp.

Referenced by OnColorByScore(), and x_ClearScoreToParamsMap().

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