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CHttpCookies Class Reference

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#include <corelib/ncbi_cookies.hpp>

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struct  SDomainLess

Public Types

enum  ECookieHeader { eHeader_Cookie , eHeader_SetCookie }
 Cookie header type. More...
typedef CHttpCookie_CI const_iterator
 Allow to use cookies with macros like ITERATE. More...
typedef list< CHttpCookieTCookieList
typedef map< string, TCookieList, SDomainLessTCookieMap

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CHttpCookies (void)
void Add (const CHttpCookie &cookie)
 Add a single cookie. More...
size_t Add (ECookieHeader header, const CTempString &str, const CUrl *url)
 Parse a single Cookie or Set-Cookie header, discard bad cookies. More...
void Cleanup (size_t max_count=0)
 Cleanup cookies. More...
const_iterator begin (void) const
 Iterate all cookies. More...
const_iterator begin (const CUrl &url) const
 Iterate cookies matching the given URL. More...
const_iterator end (void) const
 Empty iterator. More...

Private Member Functions

CHttpCookiex_Find (const string &domain, const string &path, const string &name)

Static Private Member Functions

static string sx_RevertDomain (const string &domain)

Private Attributes

TCookieMap m_CookieMap


class CHttpCookie
class CHttpCookie_CI

Detailed Description

Definition at line 249 of file ncbi_cookies.hpp.

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