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CHttpParam Class Reference

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CHttpSession and CHttpRequest parameters. More...

#include <connect/ncbi_http_session.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CHttpParam (void)
CHttpParamSetHeaders (const CHttpHeaders &headers)
 Add all HTTP headers to request. More...
CHttpParamSetHeader (CHttpHeaders::EHeaderName header, CTempString value)
 Set or replace a single HTTP header,. More...
CHttpParamAddHeader (CHttpHeaders::EHeaderName header, CTempString value)
 Add a single HTTP header,. More...
const CHttpHeadersGetHeaders (void) const
CHttpParamSetTimeout (const CTimeout &timeout)
const CTimeoutGetTimeout (void) const
CHttpParamSetRetries (THttpRetries retries)
THttpRetries GetRetries (void) const
CHttpParamSetCredentials (shared_ptr< CTlsCertCredentials > credentials)
shared_ptr< CTlsCertCredentialsGetCredentials (void) const
CHttpParamSetProxy (const CHttpProxy &proxy)
const CHttpProxyGetProxy (void) const
const CTimeoutGetDeadline () const
CHttpParamSetDeadline (const CTimeout &deadline)
ESwitch GetRetryProcessing () const
CHttpParamSetRetryProcessing (ESwitch on_off)

Private Attributes

CRef< CHttpHeadersm_Headers
CTimeout m_Timeout
THttpRetries m_Retries
shared_ptr< CTlsCertCredentialsm_Credentials
CHttpProxy m_Proxy
CTimeout m_Deadline
ESwitch m_RetryProcessing

Detailed Description

CHttpSession and CHttpRequest parameters.

Definition at line 212 of file ncbi_http_session.hpp.

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