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CMacroFunction_ApplyCDS Class Reference

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#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_feature.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CMacroFunction_ApplyCDS (EScopeEnum func_scope)
virtual void TheFunction ()
 ApplyCDS(protein_name, protein_description, frame("best"|1|2|3), location(object), add_redundant(bool), add_mRNA(bool) [,qualifier_name][,qualifier_value]) qualifier_name should be specified by its asn path, relative to the CDS Seq-feat. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IEditMacroFunction
virtual ~IEditMacroFunction ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
virtual void operator() (CMacroCmdComposite &cmd_composite, CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > &data, CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode) override
 Function operator. More...
bool SetQualStringValue (CObjectInfo &oi, const string &value)
 Functions make the action and collect statistics. More...
bool HasDataChanged () const
const CRef< IFunctionLog > & GetFunctionLog () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMacroFunction< CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > >
 IMacroFunction (EScopeEnum func_scope)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~IMacroFunction ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
EScopeEnum GetFuncScope ()
ENestedFunc GetNestedState ()
const stringGetFuncReport () const
 Function extracts statistic from the object. More...
const stringGetErrorReport () const
void SetNestedState (ENestedFunc type)

Static Public Member Functions

static CTempString GetFuncName ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool x_ValidArguments () const
 Tests the number and the type of function arguments. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CMacroFunction_ApplyFeature
bool x_SetLocation (size_t index)
bool x_ShouldAddRedundant (size_t index)
 class CMacroFunction_ApplyFeature Generates different types of apply feature commands More...
void x_SetAdditionalFields (size_t index)
 CMacroFunction_ApplyFeature (EScopeEnum func_scope)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IEditMacroFunction
 IEditMacroFunction (EScopeEnum func_scope)
virtual void x_InitCall (CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > &data) override
virtual void x_SetUserObjects (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode) override
 Extracts the function arguments and initializes m_Result member. More...
virtual void x_ResetState ()
 Reset the state of member variables that are set directly/indirectly from function arguments. More...
virtual bool x_IsNestedFunctionReturnValid () const
void x_AssignReturnValue (const CObjectInfo &oi, const string &field_name)
 Assigns value to m_Result. It is mostly useful for functions used in the WHERE clause. More...
void x_AssignReturnValueFromContainer (const CObjectInfo &oi, const string &container, const string &field_name)
void x_GetObjectsFromRef (CMQueryNodeValue::TObs &objects, const size_t &index)
void x_GetOptionalArgs (string &delimiter, bool &remove_field, size_t &index)
void x_LogChangedQuals (const CRef< IFunctionLog > &log)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMacroFunction< CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > >
void x_LogFunction (CNcbiOstrstream &logstr)
void x_LogError (CNcbiOstrstream &logstr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IEditMacroFunction
using TParent = IMacroFunction< CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > >
using TNodeValuesVec = vector< CRef< CMQueryNodeValue > >
- Public Types inherited from IMacroFunction< CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > >
enum  EScopeEnum
enum  ENestedFunc
- Protected Attributes inherited from CMacroFunction_ApplyFeature
objects::CBioseq_Handle m_Bsh
CRef< objects::CSeq_feat > m_NewFeat
CRef< objects::CSeq_loc > m_Location
- Protected Attributes inherited from IEditMacroFunction
CIRef< IMacroBioDataIterm_DataIter
TNodeValuesVec m_Args
CRef< CMQueryNodeValuem_Result
Int4 m_QualsChangedCount
 Number of changed qualifiers during the function call. More...
string m_FuncName
 Name of the function as it's been used in the script. More...
CRef< IFunctionLogm_FuncLog
- Protected Attributes inherited from IMacroFunction< CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > >
CRef< CMacroCmdCompositem_CmdComposite
string m_Report
 function activity report More...
string m_Error
 error report More...
ENestedFunc m_Nested
 flag indicating whether the function is nested within another function More...

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