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CMacroResolver Class Reference

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CMacroResolver Variable and function resolver Provides interfaces for: More...

#include <gui/objutils/macro_engine_parallel.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CMacroResolver (const CMacroRep &macro_rep, CIRef< IMacroBioDataIter > data_iter, CRef< CMacroCmdComposite > CmdComposite, CConstIRef< IMacroFunctionContext > context, CMacroStat &stat)
virtual bool ResolveIdentifier (const string &identifier, CMQueryNodeValue &val, const CQueryParseTree::TNode *parent)
 Resolve identifier and store the value in @val. More...
virtual void CallFunction (const string &name, CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode)
 Function call the function specified by name, passing args as parameters and it can update nv as a result. More...
virtual CQueryParseTreeGetAssignmentWhereClause (int index) const
 Return the "where" sub-query from the DO-DONE section identified by the index in the main parsed tree. More...
virtual CRef< CMQueryNodeValueGetOrCreateRTVar (const string &name)
 Get or create run-time variable. More...
virtual bool ExistRTVar (const string &name)
 Return true if the run-time variable, identified by its name, is defined. More...
virtual void AddTmpRTVarObject (const string &name, CObjectInfo &oi)
 used together with the Assignment Operator (CMQueryFunctionAssignment) More...
virtual bool GetTmpRTVarObject (const string &name, CObjectInfo &oi)
virtual void ResetTmpRTVarObjects ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IResolver
virtual ~IResolver ()

Private Types

typedef map< string, CRef< CMQueryNodeValue > > TRTVarsMap
typedef map< string, CObjectInfoTTempRTVarsMap

Private Member Functions

bool x_ResolveRTVar (const string &identifier, CMQueryNodeValue &val, const CQueryParseTree::TNode *parent)
 Return the value of Run-Time (RT) variable. More...
CRef< CMQueryNodeValuex_LocateRTVar (const string &identifier)
 Return data associated with the RT variable based on its name. More...

Private Attributes

CConstRef< CMacroRepm_MacroRep
CIRef< IMacroBioDataIterm_DataIter
CRef< CMacroCmdCompositem_CmdComposite
CConstIRef< IMacroFunctionContextm_FuncContext
TRTVarsMap m_RTVars
TTempRTVarsMap m_TempRTVars

Detailed Description

CMacroResolver Variable and function resolver Provides interfaces for:

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