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CMemberId Class Reference

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#include <serial/impl/memberid.hpp>

Public Types

enum  { eNoExplicitTag = -1 , eParentTag = 30 , eFirstTag = 0 }
typedef CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag TTag

Public Member Functions

 CMemberId (void)
 CMemberId (TTag tag, bool explicitTag=true)
 CMemberId (const string &name)
 CMemberId (const string &name, TTag tag, bool explicitTag=true)
 CMemberId (const char *name)
 CMemberId (const char *name, TTag tag, bool explicitTag=true)
 ~CMemberId (void)
const stringGetName (void) const
TTag GetTag (void) const
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass GetTagClass (void) const
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType GetTagType (void) const
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagConstructed GetTagConstructed (void) const
bool IsTagConstructed (void) const
bool IsTagImplicit (void) const
bool HasTag (void) const
void SetName (const string &name)
void SetTag (TTag tag, CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass tagclass=CAsnBinaryDefs::eContextSpecific, CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType tagtype=CAsnBinaryDefs::eAutomatic)
bool HaveExplicitTag (void) const
bool HaveParentTag (void) const
void SetParentTag (void)
string ToString (void) const
void SetNoPrefix (void)
bool HaveNoPrefix (void) const
void SetAttlist (void)
bool IsAttlist (void) const
void SetNotag (void)
bool HasNotag (void) const
void SetAnyContent (void)
bool HasAnyContent (void) const
void SetCompressed (void)
bool IsCompressed (void) const
void SetNillable (void)
bool IsNillable (void) const
void SetNsQualified (bool qualified)
ENsQualifiedMode IsNsQualified (void) const

Private Attributes

string m_Name
TTag m_Tag
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass m_TagClass
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType m_TagType
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagConstructed m_TagConstructed
bool m_NoPrefix
bool m_Attlist
bool m_Notag
bool m_AnyContent
bool m_Compressed
bool m_Nillable
ENsQualifiedMode m_NsqMode


class CItemsInfo

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