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CMemoryFile_Base Class Reference

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CMemoryFile_Base –. More...

#include <corelib/ncbifile.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EMemMapProtect { eMMP_Read , eMMP_Write , eMMP_ReadWrite }
 Which operations are permitted in memory map file. More...
enum  EMemMapShare { eMMS_Shared , eMMS_Private }
 Whether to share changes or not. More...
enum  EOpenMode { eCreate , eOpen , eExtend , eDefault = eOpen }
 Memory file open mode. More...
enum  EMemMapAdvise {
  eMMA_Normal = eMADV_Normal , eMMA_Random = eMADV_Random , eMMA_Sequential = eMADV_Sequential , eMMA_WillNeed = eMADV_WillNeed ,
  eMMA_DontNeed = eMADV_DontNeed , eMMA_DoFork = eMADV_DoFork , eMMA_DontFork = eMADV_DontFork , eMMA_Mergeable = eMADV_Mergeable ,
  eMMA_Unmergeable = eMADV_Unmergeable
 What type of data access pattern will be used for mapped region. More...
typedef Int8 TOffsetType

Public Member Functions

 CMemoryFile_Base (void)
 Constructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsSupported (void)
 Check if memory-mapping is supported by the C++ Toolkit on this platform. More...
static bool MemMapAdviseAddr (void *addr, size_t len, EMemMapAdvise advise)
 Advise on memory map usage for specified region. More...

Detailed Description

CMemoryFile_Base –.

Define base class for support file memory mapping.

Definition at line 2424 of file ncbifile.hpp.

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