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CNetStorage Class Reference

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Network BLOB storage API. More...

#include <connect/services/netstorage.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef SNetStorageImplTInstance

Public Member Functions

 CNetStorage (EVoid)
 CNetStorage (SNetStorageImpl *impl)
CNetStorageoperator= (SNetStorageImpl *impl)
 operator SNetStorageImpl * ()
 operator const SNetStorageImpl * () const
SNetStorageImploperator-- (int)
const SNetStorageImploperator-- (int) const
SNetStorageImploperator-> ()
const SNetStorageImploperator-> () const
 CNetStorage (const string &init_string, TNetStorageFlags default_flags=0)
 Construct a CNetStorage object. More...
CNetStorageObject Create (TNetStorageFlags flags=0)
 Create new NetStorage object. More...
CNetStorageObject Open (const string &object_loc)
 Open an existing NetStorage object for reading. More...
string Relocate (const string &object_loc, TNetStorageFlags flags, TNetStorageProgressCb cb=TNetStorageProgressCb())
 Relocate a object according to the specified combination of flags. More...
bool Exists (const string &object_loc)
 Check if the object addressed by 'object_loc' exists. More...
ENetStorageRemoveResult Remove (const string &object_loc)
 Remove the object addressed by 'object_loc'. More...

Protected Attributes

CNetRef< SNetStorageImplm_Impl

Detailed Description

Network BLOB storage API.

Definition at line 367 of file netstorage.hpp.

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