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CObjectIStreamXml Class Reference

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CObjectIStreamXml –. More...

#include <serial/objistrxml.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CObjectIStreamXml (void)
 ~CObjectIStreamXml (void)
 CObjectIStreamXml (CNcbiIstream &in, EOwnership deleteIn)
 Constructor. More...
virtual bool EndOfData (void) override
 Check if there is still some meaningful data that can be read; this function will skip white spaces and comments. More...
virtual void Location (string &, size_t &) const override
 Get current stream location as tuple (positiontype:string, size_t). More...
EEncoding GetEncoding (void) const
 Get XML character encoding. More...
void SetDefaultStringEncoding (EEncoding enc)
 Set default encoding of 'string' objects If XML data encoding is different, string will be converted to this encoding. More...
EEncoding GetDefaultStringEncoding (void) const
 Get default encoding of 'string' objects. More...
void SetEnforcedStdXml (bool set=true)
 Set up scope prefixes handling. More...
bool GetEnforcedStdXml (void)
 Get scope prefixes handling parameter. More...
virtual string ReadFileHeader (void) override
 Read file header. More...
virtual string PeekNextTypeName (void) override
 Peek next data type name in XML stream. More...
void FindFileHeader (bool find_XMLDecl=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectIStream
virtual ~CObjectIStream (void)
 Destructor. More...
ESerialDataFormat GetDataFormat (void) const
 Get data format. More...
void Open (CByteSourceReader &reader)
 Attach reader to a data source. More...
void Open (CByteSource &source)
 Attach reader to a data source. More...
void Open (CNcbiIstream &inStream, bool deleteInStream)
 Attach reader to an input stream. More...
void Open (CNcbiIstream &inStream, EOwnership deleteInStream=eNoOwnership)
 Attach reader to an input stream. More...
void OpenFromBuffer (const char *buffer, size_t size)
 Attach reader to a data source. More...
void Close (void)
 Detach reader from a data source. More...
void SetVerifyData (ESerialVerifyData verify)
 Set up input data verification for this particular stream. More...
ESerialVerifyData GetVerifyData (void) const
 Get input data verification parameter. More...
void SetSkipUnknownMembers (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up skipping unknown members for this particular stream. More...
ESerialSkipUnknown GetSkipUnknownMembers (void)
 Get skip unknown members parameter. More...
void SetSkipUnknownVariants (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up skipping unknown choice variants for this particular stream. More...
ESerialSkipUnknown GetSkipUnknownVariants (void)
 Get skip unknown choice variants parameter. More...
bool CanSkipUnknownMembers (void)
 Simple check if it's allowed to skip unknown members. More...
bool CanSkipUnknownVariants (void)
 Simple check if it's allowed to skip unknown variants. More...
ESerialSkipUnknown UpdateSkipUnknownMembers (void)
 Update skip unknown members option to non-default value. More...
ESerialSkipUnknown UpdateSkipUnknownVariants (void)
 Update skip unknown variants option to non-default value. More...
EFixNonPrint FixNonPrint (EFixNonPrint how)
void FixNonPrintSubst (char subst)
bool fail (void) const
 Check if any of fail flags is set. More...
TFailFlags GetFailFlags (void) const
 Get fail flags. More...
TFailFlags SetFailFlags (TFailFlags flags, const char *message=0)
 Set fail flags. More...
TFailFlags ClearFailFlags (TFailFlags flags)
 Reset fail flags. More...
bool InGoodState (void)
 Check fail flags and also the state of input data source. More...
void SetCanceledCallback (const ICanceled *callback)
 Set cancellation check callback. More...
CNcbiStreampos GetStreamOffset (void) const
CNcbiStreampos GetStreamPos (void) const
 Get the current stream position. More...
void SetStreamOffset (CNcbiStreampos pos)
void SetStreamPos (CNcbiStreampos pos)
 Set the current read position in underlying input stream This is the same as istream::seekg() More...
virtual string GetStackTrace (void) const override
 Get current stack trace as string. More...
virtual string GetPosition (void) const override
 Get current stream position as string. More...
void SetPathReadObjectHook (const string &path, CReadObjectHook *hook)
void SetPathSkipObjectHook (const string &path, CSkipObjectHook *hook)
void SetPathReadMemberHook (const string &path, CReadClassMemberHook *hook)
void SetPathSkipMemberHook (const string &path, CSkipClassMemberHook *hook)
void SetPathReadVariantHook (const string &path, CReadChoiceVariantHook *hook)
void SetPathSkipVariantHook (const string &path, CSkipChoiceVariantHook *hook)
void SetMonitorType (TTypeInfo type)
void AddMonitorType (TTypeInfo type)
void ResetMonitorType (void)
void SetDelayBufferParsingPolicy (EDelayBufferParsing policy)
EDelayBufferParsing GetDelayBufferParsingPolicy (void) const
bool ShouldParseDelayBuffer (void) const
virtual set< TTypeInfoGuessDataType (const set< TTypeInfo > &known_types, size_t max_length=16, size_t max_bytes=1024 *1024)
 Identify the type of data in the stream. More...
void Read (const CObjectInfo &object)
 Read object of know type. More...
void Read (TObjectPtr object, TTypeInfo type)
 Read object of know type. More...
CObjectInfo Read (const CObjectTypeInfo &type)
 Read object of know type. More...
CObjectInfo Read (TTypeInfo type)
 Read object of know type. More...
void Skip (const CObjectTypeInfo &type)
 Skip object of know type. More...
void Skip (TTypeInfo type)
 Skip object of know type. More...
void SkipFileHeader (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
 Read file header and compare the type name with the expected one. More...
void Read (const CObjectInfo &object, ENoFileHeader noFileHeader)
 Read object of know type when the file header is already read. More...
void Read (TObjectPtr object, TTypeInfo type, ENoFileHeader noFileHeader)
 Read object of know type when the file header is already read. More...
void Skip (TTypeInfo type, ENoFileHeader noFileHeader)
 Skip object of know type when the file header is already read. More...
void ReadObject (const CObjectInfo &object)
 Read child object. More...
void ReadObject (TObjectPtr object, TTypeInfo typeInfo)
 Read child object. More...
void SkipObject (const CObjectTypeInfo &objectType)
 Skip child object. More...
void SkipObject (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
 Skip child object. More...
void ReadSeparateObject (const CObjectInfo &object)
 Temporary reader. More...
void ReadClassMember (const CObjectInfoMI &member)
void ReadChoiceVariant (const CObjectInfoCV &object)
void SetDiscardCurrObject (bool discard=true)
 Discard the object, which has been just read. More...
bool GetDiscardCurrObject (void) const
void ReadStd (bool &data)
void SkipStd (const bool &)
void ReadStd (char &data)
void SkipStd (const char &)
void ReadStd (signed char &data)
void ReadStd (unsigned char &data)
void SkipStd (const signed char &)
void SkipStd (const unsigned char &)
void ReadStd (short &data)
void ReadStd (unsigned short &data)
void SkipStd (const short &)
void SkipStd (const unsigned short &)
void ReadStd (int &data)
void ReadStd (unsigned &data)
void SkipStd (const int &)
void SkipStd (const unsigned &)
void ReadStd (long &data)
void ReadStd (unsigned long &data)
void SkipStd (const long &)
void SkipStd (const unsigned long &)
void ReadStd (Int8 &data)
void ReadStd (Uint8 &data)
void SkipStd (const Int8 &)
void SkipStd (const Uint8 &)
void ReadStd (float &data)
void ReadStd (double &data)
void SkipStd (const float &)
void SkipStd (const double &)
void ReadStd (string &data)
void SkipStd (const string &)
void ReadStd (char *&data)
void ReadStd (const char *&data)
void SkipStd (char *const &)
void SkipStd (const char *const &)
void ReadStd (CBitString &data)
void SkipStd (CBitString &data)
virtual Int1 ReadInt1 (void)
virtual Uint1 ReadUint1 (void)
virtual Int2 ReadInt2 (void)
virtual Uint2 ReadUint2 (void)
virtual void SkipInt1 (void)
virtual void SkipUint1 (void)
virtual void SkipInt2 (void)
virtual void SkipUint2 (void)
virtual void SkipInt4 (void)
virtual void SkipUint4 (void)
virtual void SkipInt8 (void)
virtual void SkipUint8 (void)
virtual float ReadFloat (void)
virtual void SkipFloat (void)
virtual void SkipDouble (void)
virtual void ReadPackedString (string &s, CPackString &pack_string, EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible)
virtual void ReadStringStore (string &s)
virtual void SkipStringStore (void)
virtual void SkipCString (void)
virtual void SkipAnyContentVariant (void)
void ReadCompressedBitString (CBitString &data)
virtual pair< TObjectPtr, TTypeInfoReadPointer (TTypeInfo declaredType)
virtual void SkipPointer (TTypeInfo declaredType)
template<class TKey , class TStorage >
void ReadStd (CStrictId< TKey, TStorage > &data)
template<class TKey , class TStorage >
void SkipStd (CStrictId< TKey, TStorage > &data)
virtual void ReadGi (TGi &obj)
virtual void SkipGi (void)
void SetMemoryPool (CObjectMemoryPool *memory_pool)
CObjectMemoryPoolGetMemoryPool (void)
void UseMemoryPool (void)
void ReadExternalObject (TObjectPtr object, TTypeInfo typeInfo)
void SkipExternalObject (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
CObjectInfo ReadObject (void)
virtual void EndOfRead (void)
void ResetLocalHooks (void)
bool DetectLoops (void) const
void HandleEOF (CEofException &)
void ThrowError1 (const CDiagCompileInfo &diag_info, TFailFlags fail, const char *message)
void ThrowError1 (const CDiagCompileInfo &diag_info, TFailFlags fail, const string &message)
void Unended (const string &msg)
virtual void UnendedFrame (void) override
void DuplicatedMember (const CMemberInfo *memberInfo)
bool ExpectedMember (const CMemberInfo *memberInfo)
bool HaveMoreData (void)
TFlags GetFlags (void) const
TFlags SetFlags (TFlags flags)
TFlags ClearFlags (TFlags flags)
MLIOVIR void ReadNamedType (TTypeInfo namedTypeInfo, TTypeInfo typeInfo, TObjectPtr object)
MLIOVIR void SkipNamedType (TTypeInfo namedTypeInfo, TTypeInfo typeInfo)
MLIOVIR void ReadContainer (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType, TObjectPtr containerPtr)
MLIOVIR void SkipContainer (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType)
MLIOVIR void ReadClassSequential (const CClassTypeInfo *classType, TObjectPtr classPtr)
MLIOVIR void ReadClassRandom (const CClassTypeInfo *classType, TObjectPtr classPtr)
MLIOVIR void SkipClassSequential (const CClassTypeInfo *classType)
MLIOVIR void SkipClassRandom (const CClassTypeInfo *classType)
MLIOVIR void ReadChoiceSimple (const CChoiceTypeInfo *choiceType, TObjectPtr choicePtr)
MLIOVIR void SkipChoiceSimple (const CChoiceTypeInfo *choiceType)
MLIOVIR void ReadAlias (const CAliasTypeInfo *aliasType, TObjectPtr aliasPtr)
MLIOVIR void SkipAlias (const CAliasTypeInfo *aliasType)
virtual void EndBytes (const ByteBlock &block)
virtual void EndChars (const CharBlock &block)
void EndDelayBuffer (CDelayBuffer &buffer, const CItemInfo *itemInfo, TObjectPtr objectPtr)
TObjectPtr GetParentObjectPtr (TTypeInfo type, size_t max_depth=1, size_t min_depth=1) const
int ExpectSpecialCase (void) const
TConstObjectPtr GetMemberDefault (void) const
void SetSpecialCaseUsed (ESpecialCaseRead used)
ESpecialCaseRead GetSpecialCaseUsed (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectStack
 CObjectStack (void)
virtual ~CObjectStack (void)
size_t GetStackDepth (void) const
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type, TTypeInfo typeInfo, TConstObjectPtr objectPtr=0)
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type, const CMemberId &memberId)
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type)
void PopFrame (void)
void PopErrorFrame (void)
void SetTopMemberId (const CMemberId &memberId)
bool IsNsQualified (void)
bool IsCompressed (void) const
bool StackIsEmpty (void) const
void ClearStack (void)
string GetStackTraceASN (void) const
const TFrameTopFrame (void) const
TFrameTopFrame (void)
TFrameFetchFrameFromTop (size_t index)
const TFrameFetchFrameFromTop (size_t index) const
const TFrameFetchFrameFromBottom (size_t index) const
TTypeInfo GetRecentTypeInfo (void) const
bool IsKnownElement (const CTempString &name) const
const stringGetStackPath (void) const
void WatchPathHooks (bool set=true)
void RegisterPathHook (CPathHook *h)
void ResetPathHooks (void)

Protected Member Functions

EPointerType ReadPointerType (void) override
TObjectIndex ReadObjectPointer (void) override
string ReadOtherPointer (void) override
virtual bool ReadBool (void) override
virtual char ReadChar (void) override
virtual Int4 ReadInt4 (void) override
virtual Uint4 ReadUint4 (void) override
virtual Int8 ReadInt8 (void) override
virtual Uint8 ReadUint8 (void) override
virtual double ReadDouble (void) override
virtual void ReadNull (void) override
virtual void ReadString (string &s, EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible) override
virtual char * ReadCString (void) override
TEnumValueType ReadEnum (const CEnumeratedTypeValues &values) override
bool ReadAnyContent (const string &ns_prefix, string &value)
virtual void ReadAnyContentObject (CAnyContentObject &obj) override
bool SkipAnyContent (void)
virtual void SkipAnyContentObject (void) override
virtual void ReadBitString (CBitString &obj) override
virtual void SkipBitString (void) override
virtual void StartDelayBuffer (void) override
virtual CRef< CByteSourceEndDelayBuffer (void) override
virtual void SkipBool (void) override
virtual void SkipChar (void) override
virtual void SkipSNumber (void) override
virtual void SkipUNumber (void) override
virtual void SkipFNumber (void) override
virtual void SkipString (EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible) override
virtual void SkipNull (void) override
virtual void SkipByteBlock (void) override
CTempString SkipTagName (CTempString tag, const char *s, size_t length)
CTempString SkipTagName (CTempString tag, const char *s)
CTempString SkipTagName (CTempString tag, const string &s)
CTempString SkipStackTagName (CTempString tag, size_t level)
CTempString SkipStackTagName (CTempString tag, size_t level, char c)
bool HasAttlist (void)
bool NextIsTag (void)
bool NextTagIsClosing (void)
bool ThisTagIsSelfClosed (void)
void OpenTag (const string &e)
void CloseTag (const string &e)
void OpenStackTag (size_t level)
void CloseStackTag (size_t level)
void OpenTag (TTypeInfo type)
void CloseTag (TTypeInfo type)
void OpenTagIfNamed (TTypeInfo type)
void CloseTagIfNamed (TTypeInfo type)
bool WillHaveName (TTypeInfo elementType)
TMemberIndex HasAnyContent (const CClassTypeInfoBase *classType, TMemberIndex pos=kInvalidMember)
bool HasMoreElements (TTypeInfo elementType)
TMemberIndex FindDeep (TTypeInfo type, const CTempString &name) const
void ReadContainerContents (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType, TObjectPtr containerPtr)
void SkipContainerContents (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType)
virtual void BeginNamedType (TTypeInfo namedTypeInfo) override
virtual void EndNamedType (void) override
virtual void BeginContainer (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType) override
virtual void EndContainer (void) override
virtual bool BeginContainerElement (TTypeInfo elementType) override
virtual void EndContainerElement (void) override
void BeginArrayElement (TTypeInfo elementType)
void EndArrayElement (void)
void CheckStdXml (TTypeInfo classType)
virtual void BeginClass (const CClassTypeInfo *classInfo) override
virtual void EndClass (void) override
virtual TMemberIndex BeginClassMember (const CClassTypeInfo *classType) override
virtual TMemberIndex BeginClassMember (const CClassTypeInfo *classType, TMemberIndex pos) override
virtual void EndClassMember (void) override
virtual void UndoClassMember (void) override
virtual void BeginChoice (const CChoiceTypeInfo *choiceType) override
virtual void EndChoice (void) override
virtual TMemberIndex BeginChoiceVariant (const CChoiceTypeInfo *choiceType) override
virtual void EndChoiceVariant (void) override
virtual void BeginBytes (ByteBlock &) override
int GetHexChar (void)
int GetBase64Char (void)
virtual size_t ReadBytes (ByteBlock &block, char *dst, size_t length) override
virtual void BeginChars (CharBlock &) override
virtual size_t ReadChars (CharBlock &block, char *dst, size_t length) override
virtual void ResetState (void) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CObjectIStream
 CObjectIStream (ESerialDataFormat format)
 CObjectIStream (CNcbiIstream &in, bool deleteIn=false)
pair< TObjectPtr, TTypeInfoReadObjectInfo (void)
virtual void ReadOtherPointerEnd (void)
void RegisterObject (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
void RegisterObject (TObjectPtr object, TTypeInfo typeInfo)
const CReadObjectInfoGetRegisteredObject (TObjectIndex index)
virtual void x_SetPathHooks (bool set) override
bool x_HavePathHooks () const
EFixNonPrint x_GetFixCharsMethodDefault (void) const
EFixNonPrint x_FixCharsMethod (void) const
char x_FixCharsSubst (void) const

Private Types

enum  ETagState { eTagOutside , eTagInsideOpening , eTagInsideClosing , eTagSelfClosed }

Private Member Functions

bool OutsideTag (void) const
bool InsideTag (void) const
bool InsideOpeningTag (void) const
bool InsideClosingTag (void) const
bool SelfClosedTag (void) const
void Found_lt (void)
void Back_lt (void)
void Found_lt_slash (void)
void Found_gt (void)
void Found_slash_gt (void)
void EndSelfClosedTag (void)
void EndTag (void)
void EndOpeningTag (void)
bool EndOpeningTagSelfClosed (void)
void EndClosingTag (void)
char BeginOpeningTag (void)
char BeginClosingTag (void)
void BeginData (void)
bool UseSpecialCaseRead (void)
int ReadEscapedChar (char endingChar, bool *encoded=0)
int ReadEncodedChar (char endingChar, EStringType type, bool &encoded)
TUnicodeSymbol ReadUtf8Char (char ch)
bool ReadCDSection (string &s)
void ReadTagData (string &s, EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible)
void ReadWord (string &s, EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible)
CTempString ReadName (char c)
CTempString RejectedName (void)
CTempString ReadAttributeName (void)
void ReadAttributeValue (string &value, bool skipClosing=false)
char ReadUndefinedAttributes (void)
void SkipAttributeValue (char c)
void SkipQDecl (void)
char SkipWS (void)
char SkipWSAndComments (void)
void UnexpectedMember (const CTempString &id, const CItemsInfo &items)
bool x_IsStdXml (void)
void x_EndTypeNamespace (void)
template<typename Type >
Type x_UseMemberDefault (void)
int x_VerifyChar (int)
int x_ReadEncodedChar (char endingChar, EStringType type, bool &encoded)

Private Attributes

ETagState m_TagState
string m_LastTag
string m_RejectedTag
Int8 m_LeadingWs
bool m_Attlist
bool m_StdXml
bool m_Doctype_found
bool m_IsNil
string m_LastPrimitive
EEncoding m_Encoding
EEncoding m_StringEncoding
string m_CurrNsPrefix
map< string, stringm_NsPrefixToName
map< string, stringm_NsNameToPrefix
CStringUTF8 m_Utf8Buf
CStringUTF8::const_iterator m_Utf8Pos
bool m_SkipNextTag

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CObjectIStream
enum  EFailFlags {
  fNoError = 0 , eNoError = fNoError , fEOF = 1 << 0 , eEOF = fEOF ,
  fReadError = 1 << 1 , eReadError = fReadError , fFormatError = 1 << 2 , eFormatError = fFormatError ,
  fOverflow = 1 << 3 , eOverflow = fOverflow , fInvalidData = 1 << 4 , eInvalidData = fInvalidData ,
  fIllegalCall = 1 << 5 , eIllegalCall = fIllegalCall , fFail = 1 << 6 , eFail = fFail ,
  fNotOpen = 1 << 7 , eNotOpen = fNotOpen , fNotImplemented = 1 << 8 , eNotImplemented = fNotImplemented ,
  fMissingValue = 1 << 9 , eMissingValue = fMissingValue , fUnknownValue = 1 << 10 , eUnknownValue = fUnknownValue ,
  fNullValue = 1 << 11 , eNullValue = fNullValue
 Fail flags. More...
enum  EDelayBufferParsing { eDelayBufferPolicyNotSet , eDelayBufferPolicyAlwaysParse , eDelayBufferPolicyNeverParse }
 DelayBuffer parsing policy. More...
enum  ENoFileHeader { eNoFileHeader }
enum  EPointerType { eNullPointer , eObjectPointer , eThisPointer , eOtherPointer }
enum  EFlags {
  fFlagNone = 0 , eFlagNone = fFlagNone , fFlagAllowNonAsciiChars = 1 << 0 , eFlagAllowNonAsciiChars = fFlagAllowNonAsciiChars ,
  fFlagEnforcedStdXml = 1 << 1 , eFlagEnforcedStdXml = fFlagEnforcedStdXml
enum  ESpecialCaseRead { eReadAsNormal = 0 , eReadAsDefault = 1 , eReadAsNil = 2 , eReadAsBigInt = 4 }
typedef int TFailFlags
typedef int TFlags
- Public Types inherited from CObjectStack
typedef CObjectStackFrame TFrame
typedef TFrame::EFrameType EFrameType
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectIStream
static CObjectIStreamOpen (ESerialDataFormat format, CNcbiIstream &inStream, bool deleteInStream)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to an input stream. More...
static CObjectIStreamOpen (ESerialDataFormat format, CNcbiIstream &inStream, EOwnership deleteInStream=eNoOwnership)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to an input stream. More...
static CObjectIStreamOpen (ESerialDataFormat format, const string &fileName, TSerialOpenFlags openFlags=0)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to a file stream. More...
static CObjectIStreamOpen (const string &fileName, ESerialDataFormat format)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to a file stream. More...
static CObjectIStreamCreate (ESerialDataFormat format)
 Create serial object reader. More...
static CObjectIStreamCreate (ESerialDataFormat format, CByteSource &source)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to a data source. More...
static CObjectIStreamCreate (ESerialDataFormat format, CByteSourceReader &reader)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to a data source. More...
static CObjectIStreamCreateFromBuffer (ESerialDataFormat format, const char *buffer, size_t size)
 Create serial object reader and attach it to a data source. More...
static void SetVerifyDataThread (ESerialVerifyData verify)
 Set up default input data verification for streams created by the current thread. More...
static void SetVerifyDataGlobal (ESerialVerifyData verify)
 Set up default input data verification for streams created by the current process. More...
static void SetSkipUnknownThread (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up default skipping unknown members for streams created by the current thread. More...
static void SetSkipUnknownGlobal (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up default skipping unknown members for streams created by the current process. More...
static void SetSkipUnknownVariantsThread (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up default skipping unknown choice variants for streams created by the current thread. More...
static void SetSkipUnknownVariantsGlobal (ESerialSkipUnknown skip)
 Set up default skipping unknown choice variants for streams created by the current process. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectStack
static TTypeInfo GetRealTypeInfo (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static ETypeFamily GetRealTypeFamily (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static TTypeInfo GetContainerElementTypeInfo (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static ETypeFamily GetContainerElementTypeFamily (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
- Public Attributes inherited from CObjectIStream
CLocalHookSet< CReadObjectHookm_ObjectHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CReadClassMemberHookm_ClassMemberHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CReadChoiceVariantHookm_ChoiceVariantHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CSkipObjectHookm_ObjectSkipHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CSkipClassMemberHookm_ClassMemberSkipHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CSkipChoiceVariantHookm_ChoiceVariantSkipHookKey
- Protected Types inherited from CObjectIStream
typedef size_t TObjectIndex
- Protected Attributes inherited from CObjectIStream
CIStreamBuffer m_Input
bool m_DiscardCurrObject
ESerialDataFormat m_DataFormat
EDelayBufferParsing m_ParseDelayBuffers
TTypeInfo m_TypeAlias

Detailed Description

CObjectIStreamXml –.

Decode input data in XML format

Definition at line 55 of file objistrxml.hpp.

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