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CObjectInfoCV Class Reference

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CObjectInfoCV –. More...

#include <serial/objectiter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CObjectInfoCV (void)
 CObjectInfoCV (const CObjectInfo &object)
 CObjectInfoCV (const CObjectInfo &object, TMemberIndex index)
const CObjectInfoGetChoiceObject (void) const
 Get containing choice. More...
CObjectInfoCVoperator= (const CObjectInfo &object)
CObjectInfo GetVariant (void) const
 Get variant data. More...
CObjectInfo operator* (void) const
 Get variant data. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectTypeInfoCV
 CObjectTypeInfoCV (void)
 CObjectTypeInfoCV (const CObjectTypeInfo &info)
 CObjectTypeInfoCV (const CObjectTypeInfo &info, TMemberIndex index)
 CObjectTypeInfoCV (const CConstObjectInfo &object)
TMemberIndex GetVariantIndex (void) const
 Get index of the variant in the choice. More...
const stringGetAlias (void) const
bool Valid (void) const
bool operator== (const CObjectTypeInfoCV &iter) const
bool operator!= (const CObjectTypeInfoCV &iter) const
CObjectTypeInfoCVoperator= (const CObjectTypeInfo &info)
CObjectTypeInfoCVoperator= (const CConstObjectInfo &object)
CObjectTypeInfo GetChoiceType (void) const
 Get containing choice. More...
 operator CObjectTypeInfo (void) const
CObjectTypeInfo GetVariantType (void) const
 Get variant data type. More...
CObjectTypeInfo operator* (void) const
 Get variant data type. More...
void SetLocalReadHook (CObjectIStream &stream, CReadChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void SetGlobalReadHook (CReadChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void ResetLocalReadHook (CObjectIStream &stream) const
void ResetGlobalReadHook (void) const
void SetPathReadHook (CObjectIStream *stream, const string &path, CReadChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void SetLocalWriteHook (CObjectOStream &stream, CWriteChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void SetGlobalWriteHook (CWriteChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void ResetLocalWriteHook (CObjectOStream &stream) const
void ResetGlobalWriteHook (void) const
void SetPathWriteHook (CObjectOStream *stream, const string &path, CWriteChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void SetLocalCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier &stream, CCopyChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void SetGlobalCopyHook (CCopyChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
void ResetLocalCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier &stream) const
void ResetGlobalCopyHook (void) const
void SetPathCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier *stream, const string &path, CCopyChoiceVariantHook *hook) const
const CVariantInfoGetVariantInfo (void) const

Private Types

typedef CObjectTypeInfoCV CParent

Private Member Functions

pair< TObjectPtr, TTypeInfoGetVariantPair (void) const

Private Attributes

CObjectInfo m_Object

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CObjectTypeInfoCV
const CChoiceTypeInfoGetChoiceTypeInfo (void) const
void Init (const CObjectTypeInfo &info)
void Init (const CObjectTypeInfo &info, TMemberIndex index)
void Init (const CConstObjectInfo &object)

Detailed Description

CObjectInfoCV –.

Choice variant provides read/write access to the variant data.

Definition at line 587 of file objectiter.hpp.

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