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CObjectList_Base –. More...

#include <objtools/eutils/efetch/ObjectList_.hpp>

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class  C_Data
 All Entrez databases may be configured to include LinkOut. More...

Public Types

enum class  E_memberIndex { e__allMandatory = 0 , e_Object }
typedef CPubmedObject C_E
typedef NCBI_NS_STD::list< NCBI_NS_NCBI::CRef< CPubmedObject > > TObject
typedef Tparent::CMemberIndex< E_memberIndex, 2 > TmemberIndex
typedef NCBI_NS_STD::list< NCBI_NS_NCBI::CRef< C_Data > > Tdata

Public Member Functions

 CObjectList_Base (void)
virtual ~CObjectList_Base (void)
bool IsSetObject (void) const
 Check if a value has been assigned to Object data member. More...
bool CanGetObject (void) const
 Check if it is safe to call GetObject method. More...
void ResetObject (void)
 Reset Object data member. More...
const TObjectGetObject (void) const
 Get the Object member data. More...
TObjectSetObject (void)
 Assign a value to Object data member. More...
virtual void Reset (void)
 Reset the whole object. More...
 CObjectList_Base (void)
virtual ~CObjectList_Base (void)
bool IsSet (void) const
 Check if a value has been assigned to data member. More...
bool CanGet (void) const
 Check if it is safe to call Get method. More...
void Reset (void)
 Reset data member. More...
const TdataGet (void) const
 Get the member data. More...
TdataSet (void)
 Assign a value to data member. More...
 operator const Tdata & (void) const
 Conversion operator to 'const Tdata' type. More...
 operator Tdata & (void)
 Conversion operator to 'Tdata' type. More...

Private Types

typedef NCBI_NS_NCBI::CSerialObject Tparent
typedef NCBI_NS_NCBI::CSerialObject Tparent

Private Member Functions

 CObjectList_Base (const CObjectList_Base &)
CObjectList_Baseoperator= (const CObjectList_Base &)
 CObjectList_Base (const CObjectList_Base &)
CObjectList_Baseoperator= (const CObjectList_Base &)

Private Attributes

Uint4 m_set_State [1]
NCBI_NS_STD::list< NCBI_NS_NCBI::CRef< CPubmedObject > > m_Object
NCBI_NS_STD::list< NCBI_NS_NCBI::CRef< C_Data > > m_data

Detailed Description

CObjectList_Base –.

Definition at line 74 of file ObjectList_.hpp.

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