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CObjectStack Class Referenceabstract

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#include <serial/impl/objstack.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CObjectStackFrame TFrame
typedef TFrame::EFrameType EFrameType

Public Member Functions

 CObjectStack (void)
virtual ~CObjectStack (void)
size_t GetStackDepth (void) const
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type, TTypeInfo typeInfo, TConstObjectPtr objectPtr=0)
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type, const CMemberId &memberId)
TFramePushFrame (EFrameType type)
void PopFrame (void)
void PopErrorFrame (void)
void SetTopMemberId (const CMemberId &memberId)
bool IsNsQualified (void)
bool IsCompressed (void) const
bool StackIsEmpty (void) const
void ClearStack (void)
string GetStackTraceASN (void) const
virtual string GetStackTrace (void) const =0
virtual string GetPosition (void) const =0
const TFrameTopFrame (void) const
TFrameTopFrame (void)
TFrameFetchFrameFromTop (size_t index)
const TFrameFetchFrameFromTop (size_t index) const
const TFrameFetchFrameFromBottom (size_t index) const
TTypeInfo GetRecentTypeInfo (void) const
bool IsKnownElement (const CTempString &name) const
virtual void UnendedFrame (void)
const stringGetStackPath (void) const
void WatchPathHooks (bool set=true)
void RegisterPathHook (CPathHook *h)
void ResetPathHooks (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static TTypeInfo GetRealTypeInfo (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static ETypeFamily GetRealTypeFamily (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static TTypeInfo GetContainerElementTypeInfo (TTypeInfo typeInfo)
static ETypeFamily GetContainerElementTypeFamily (TTypeInfo typeInfo)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void x_SetPathHooks (bool set)=0
virtual void ResetState (void)

Private Member Functions

TFramePushFrame (void)
TFramePushFrameLong (void)
void x_PushStackPath (void)
void x_PopStackPath (void)

Private Attributes

string m_MemberPath
bool m_WatchPathHooks
bool m_PathValid
set< CPathHook * > m_PathHooks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file objstack.hpp.

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