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CObjectStreamCopier Class Reference

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CObjectStreamCopier –. More...

#include <serial/objcopy.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  ENoFileHeader { eNoFileHeader }
typedef CObjectIStream::TFailFlags TFailFlags

Public Member Functions

 CObjectStreamCopier (CObjectIStream &in, CObjectOStream &out)
 Constructor. More...
 ~CObjectStreamCopier (void)
 Destructor. More...
CObjectIStreamIn (void) const
CObjectOStreamOut (void) const
void ResetLocalHooks (void)
void Copy (const CObjectTypeInfo &type)
 Copy data. More...
void Copy (TTypeInfo type, ENoFileHeader noFileHeader)
 Copy data when the input file header is already read. More...
void CopyObject (TTypeInfo type)
 Copy object, omitting file header both in input and output streams. More...
void CopyExternalObject (TTypeInfo type)
void CopyString (EStringType type=eStringTypeVisible)
void CopyStringStore (void)
void CopyByteBlock (void)
void CopyAnyContentObject (void)
void CopyNamedType (TTypeInfo namedTypeInfo, TTypeInfo objectType)
void CopyPointer (TTypeInfo declaredType)
bool CopyNullPointer (void)
void CopyContainer (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType)
void CopyClassRandom (const CClassTypeInfo *classType)
void CopyClassSequential (const CClassTypeInfo *classType)
void CopyChoice (const CChoiceTypeInfo *choiceType)
void CopyAlias (const CAliasTypeInfo *aliasType)
void ThrowError1 (const CDiagCompileInfo &diag_info, TFailFlags fail, const char *message)
void ThrowError1 (const CDiagCompileInfo &diag_info, TFailFlags fail, const string &message)
void ExpectedMember (const CMemberInfo *memberInfo)
void DuplicatedMember (const CMemberInfo *memberInfo)
void SetPathCopyObjectHook (const string &path, CCopyObjectHook *hook)
void SetPathCopyMemberHook (const string &path, CCopyClassMemberHook *hook)
void SetPathCopyVariantHook (const string &path, CCopyChoiceVariantHook *hook)
void SetPathHooks (CObjectStack &stk, bool set)

Public Attributes

CLocalHookSet< CCopyObjectHookm_ObjectHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CCopyClassMemberHookm_ClassMemberHookKey
CLocalHookSet< CCopyChoiceVariantHookm_ChoiceVariantHookKey

Private Attributes

CStreamPathHook< CMemberInfo *, CCopyClassMemberHook * > m_PathCopyMemberHooks
CStreamPathHook< CVariantInfo *, CCopyChoiceVariantHook * > m_PathCopyVariantHooks
CStreamObjectPathHook< CCopyObjectHook * > m_PathCopyObjectHooks

Detailed Description

CObjectStreamCopier –.

Read serial data object from one stream and immediately write it into another one, usually using different encoding format. The benefit of using Copier is that converted data is not stored in memory

Definition at line 70 of file objcopy.hpp.

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