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CProcessing Class Reference

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#include "processing.hpp"
(Private to src/app/pubseq_gateway/client.)

Static Public Member Functions

static int OneRequest (const SOneRequestParams &params, shared_ptr< CPSG_Request > request)
template<class TParams >
static int ParallelProcessing (const TParams &params, istream &is=cin)
static int Performance (const SPerformanceParams &params)
static int JsonCheck (istream *schema_is)
static CJson_Document RequestSchema ()

Static Private Member Functions

template<class TCreateContext >
static vector< shared_ptr< CPSG_Request > > ReadCommands (TCreateContext create_context, size_t report_progress_after=0)
static bool ReadLine (string &line, istream &is=cin)
static CParallelProcessing< SBatchResolveParamsCreateParallelProcessing (const SBatchResolveParams &params)
static CParallelProcessing< TIpgBatchResolveParamsCreateParallelProcessing (const TIpgBatchResolveParams &params)
static CParallelProcessing< SInteractiveParamsCreateParallelProcessing (const SInteractiveParams &params)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 326 of file processing.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateParallelProcessing() [1/3]

CParallelProcessing< SBatchResolveParams > CProcessing::CreateParallelProcessing ( const SBatchResolveParams params)

Definition at line 1376 of file processing.cpp.

Referenced by ParallelProcessing().

◆ CreateParallelProcessing() [2/3]

CParallelProcessing< SInteractiveParams > CProcessing::CreateParallelProcessing ( const SInteractiveParams params)

Definition at line 1378 of file processing.cpp.

◆ CreateParallelProcessing() [3/3]

CParallelProcessing< TIpgBatchResolveParams > CProcessing::CreateParallelProcessing ( const TIpgBatchResolveParams params)

Definition at line 1377 of file processing.cpp.

◆ JsonCheck()

int CProcessing::JsonCheck ( istream *  schema_is)

◆ OneRequest()

int CProcessing::OneRequest ( const SOneRequestParams params,
shared_ptr< CPSG_Request request 

◆ ParallelProcessing()

template<class TParams >
int CProcessing::ParallelProcessing ( const TParams &  params,
istream &  is = cin 

◆ Performance()

int CProcessing::Performance ( const SPerformanceParams params)

◆ ReadCommands()

template<class TCreateContext >
vector< shared_ptr< CPSG_Request > > CProcessing::ReadCommands ( TCreateContext  create_context,
size_t  report_progress_after = 0 

◆ ReadLine()

bool CProcessing::ReadLine ( string line,
istream &  is = cin 

Definition at line 1365 of file processing.cpp.

Referenced by ParallelProcessing().

◆ RequestSchema()

CJson_Document CProcessing::RequestSchema ( )

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