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CQueryFuncEqualityCompares Class Reference

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class CQueryFuncEqualityCompares More...

#include <gui/objutils/query_func_promote.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CQueryFuncEqualityCompares (CQueryParseNode::EType op_type, NStr::ECase c=NStr::eCase, CStringMatching::EStringMatching matching=CStringMatching::ePlainSearch)
 Ctor. More...
virtual void InitTypePromotionRules (CQueryParseNode::EType op_type)
 Initialize promotion table for eqaulity comparisons (e.g. == or In) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CQueryFuncPromoteCompare
 CQueryFuncPromoteCompare (CQueryParseNode::EType op_type, NStr::ECase c=NStr::eCase, CStringMatching::EStringMatching matching=(CStringMatching::ePlainSearch))
 Ctors for compare must include op_type for loading promotion rules. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CQueryFuncPromoteBase
 CQueryFuncPromoteBase ()
void SetCaseSensitive (NStr::ECase e)
 Get/set case sensitivity for all string compares for this function. More...
NStr::ECase GetCaseSensitive () const
void SetStringMatching (CStringMatching::EStringMatching m)
 Get/set string matching algorithm. More...
CStringMatching::EStringMatching GetStringMatching () const
TEvalResultGetQueryNodeValue (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode)
 Get the user object for node 'qnode' or NULL if not created. More...
TEvalResultMakeQueryNodeValue (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode)
 Get user object for 'qnode' or create a new object if it doesn't exist. More...
void PreProcess (CQueryParseTree::TNode &tr, objects::CScope *scope)
 Resolve, if possible, the data type for the query node tr and, for operator nodes (e.g. More...
QueryValueType::EBaseType ResolveAndPromote (size_t comparison_idx, CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode, CQueryParseTree::TNode *arg1, CQueryParseTree::TNode *arg2)
 For the operator in 'qnode', retrive from data source (if ncessary) the data values arg1 and arg2 and promote the values, if needed, to the required type needed for comparison. More...
QueryValueType::EBaseType GetPromotedType (const CPromoteRule &pr)
 Given data from two nodes and a comparison operator (e.g. More...
bool ResolveFieldValue (TEvalResult &tree_val)
 Get the value of a field from the data source and store the result in the CQueryNodeValue object. More...
bool SetCompareType (TEvalResult &tree_value)
 Given data for a node, determine its underlying data type (e.g. More...
virtual size_t GetArgCountMin (CQueryParseNode::EType)
virtual size_t GetArgCountMax (CQueryParseNode::EType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CQueryFunctionBase
virtual ~CQueryFunctionBase ()
virtual bool EvaluateChildrenFirst () const
 Do we evaluate before visiting the nodes children or after. More...
virtual void Evaluate (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode)=0
 Query node evaluation function (performs actual programmed by the node action) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CQueryFuncPromoteBase
typedef CQueryNodeValue TEvalResult
- Public Types inherited from CQueryFunctionBase
typedef vector< CQueryParseTree::TNode * > TArgVector
 Vector for easy argument access. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CQueryFuncPromoteBase
void AddPromoteTypes (CQueryParseNode::EType op, QueryValueType::EBaseType type1, QueryValueType::EBaseType type2, QueryValueType::EBaseType ptype)
 Add the promtion rules for both 'type1 op type2' and 'type2 op type1'. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CQueryFunctionBase
CQueryExecGetExec ()
 Get reference on parent execution environment. More...
CQueryParseTreeGetQueryTree ()
 Get query tree (execution context) More...
void MakeArgVector (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode, TArgVector &args)
 Created vector of arguments (translate sub-nodes to vector) More...
CQueryParseTree::TNodeGetArg0 (CQueryParseTree::TNode &qnode)
 Get first sub-node. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CQueryFuncPromoteBase
std::vector< CPromoteRulem_PromoteRules
 Vector of sorted promotion rules. More...
NStr::ECase m_CaseSensitive
 If true, all string comparisons by subclasses will use case-sensitive comparisons, otherwise not. More...
CStringMatching::EStringMatching m_StringMatchAlgo
 Determines how string equality comaparisons will be handled (wildcards, regex, exact..) More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CQueryFunctionBase

Detailed Description

class CQueryFuncEqualityCompares

Base class for query execution functions that use comparison operators (for now that is == and In). These functions both use the same type promotion rules

Definition at line 275 of file query_func_promote.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CQueryFuncEqualityCompares()

CQueryFuncEqualityCompares::CQueryFuncEqualityCompares ( CQueryParseNode::EType  op_type,
NStr::ECase  c = NStr::eCase,
CStringMatching::EStringMatching  matching = CStringMatching::ePlainSearch 


Definition at line 279 of file query_func_promote.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitTypePromotionRules()

void CQueryFuncEqualityCompares::InitTypePromotionRules ( CQueryParseNode::EType  op_type)

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