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CScannerFunctorGT Class Reference

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GT function. More...

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Public Member Functions

 CScannerFunctorGT (CQueryExecEnv &env)
void Eval (CTreeNode< CBDB_QueryNode > &tr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CScannerFunctorComp
 CScannerFunctorComp (CQueryExecEnv &env)
int CmpEval (CTreeNode< CBDB_QueryNode > &tr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CScannerFunctorArgN
 CScannerFunctorArgN (CQueryExecEnv &env)
 ~CScannerFunctorArgN ()
bool IsAnyField (CBDB_File &dbf, const string &search_value, unsigned int arg_idx)
 Checks if value is equal to any field in the database. More...
CBoyerMooreMatcherGetMatcher (const string &search_value, unsigned int arg_idx)
void GetArguments (CTreeNode< CBDB_QueryNode > &tr, EAllFieldsCheck check_mode=eNoCheck)
 Extract function arguments from the parsing tree. More...
const stringGetArg (size_t idx) const
const CBDB_FieldGetArgField (size_t idx) const
void SetResult (CBDB_QueryNode &qnode, bool res)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CScannerFunctor
 CScannerFunctor (CQueryExecEnv &env)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CScannerFunctorArgN
enum  EAllFieldsCheck { eNoCheck , eCheckAll }
 Enum indicates how to interpret the plain value tree elements. More...
typedef vector< string * > TArgValueVector
 Vector of strings borrowed from the query environment pool to keep temporary values during the query execution. More...
typedef vector< const string * > TArgVector
 Vector of arguments, elements can point on values from TArgValueVector or variables located in the query tree itself. More...
typedef vector< CBoyerMooreMatcher * > TStringMatcherVector
 String matchers used for substring search. More...
typedef vector< const CBDB_Field * > TFieldVector
 If argument is a db field corresponding vector element contains the field pointer. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CScannerFunctorArgN
TArgVector m_ArgVector
TArgValueVector m_ArgValueVector
TStringMatcherVector m_MatcherVector
TFieldVector m_FieldVector
string m_TmpStr
- Protected Attributes inherited from CScannerFunctor

Detailed Description

GT function.

Definition at line 596 of file bdb_query.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CScannerFunctorGT()

CScannerFunctorGT::CScannerFunctorGT ( CQueryExecEnv env)

Definition at line 599 of file bdb_query.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Eval()

void CScannerFunctorGT::Eval ( CTreeNode< CBDB_QueryNode > &  tr)

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