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CSelectionVisitor Class Reference

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class CSelectionVisitor is a concrete glyph visitor for selection traversal and deselection traversal on a layout tree. More...

#include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/selection_manager.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EActionMode { eAct_Select , eAct_Deselect , eAct_CollectSel }
enum  EPostUpdateAction { ePUA_None , ePUA_CallLayoutChanged }
 action that needs to be executed on selected glyphs after the visitor finishes visiting _all_ glyphs More...
typedef EActionMode TActionMode
typedef list< CWeakRef< CSeqGlyph > > TSelectedGlyphs

Public Member Functions

 CSelectionVisitor ()
virtual ~CSelectionVisitor ()
void SetScope (objects::CScope *scope)
objects::CScope * GetScope ()
void SetActionMode (TActionMode mode)
 CSelectionVisitor inline methods. More...
void SetSelectedObjectSig (const string &obj_sig)
void Clear ()
bool HasSelectedObjects () const
bool IsObjectSelected (const CObject *obj)
const CSeqGlyph::TConstObjectsGetSelectedLayoutObjects (CSeqGlyph *top_glyph)
void GetObjectSelection (TConstObjects &objs) const
void ResetObjectSelection (CSeqGlyph *glyph)
void DeSelectObject (const CObject *obj)
void SelectObject (const CObject *obj, bool verified)
void SelectSelection (const CSeqGlyph::TConstObjects &glyphs)
void UpdateSelection (CSeqGlyph *glyph)
const TSelectedGlyphsGetSelectedFeats () const
const TSelectedGlyphsGetSelectedCDSFeats () const
void ClearSelectedFeats ()
IGlyphVisitor interface implementation
virtual bool Visit (CSeqGlyph *glyph)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IGlyphVisitor
virtual ~IGlyphVisitor ()

Private Types

typedef set< CConstRef< CObject > > TSelectedObjects

Private Member Functions

bool x_DoSelection (CSeqGlyph *glyph)
bool x_NeedUpdate () const

Private Attributes

CObjectIndex m_SelectedIndexes
TSelectedObjects m_SelectedObjects
CObjectIndex m_UnknownSelectedIndexes
list< stringm_SelectedSignatures
CSeqGlyph::TConstObjects m_SelGlyphs
TSelectedGlyphs m_SelFeatures
TSelectedGlyphs m_SelCDSFeatures
TModelRect m_SelRect
CRef< objects::CScope > m_Scope
TActionMode m_ActionMode
size_t m_TraversedObjs
size_t m_TraversedSigs
size_t m_DeselectedObjs
EPostUpdateAction m_PostUpdateAction

Detailed Description

class CSelectionVisitor is a concrete glyph visitor for selection traversal and deselection traversal on a layout tree.

The selected objects can be objects broadcasted from other views, signatures from cgi, or user-selected objects in current view.

Definition at line 50 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TActionMode

Definition at line 67 of file selection_manager.hpp.

◆ TSelectedGlyphs

Definition at line 68 of file selection_manager.hpp.

◆ TSelectedObjects

Definition at line 121 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EActionMode


Definition at line 53 of file selection_manager.hpp.

◆ EPostUpdateAction

action that needs to be executed on selected glyphs after the visitor finishes visiting _all_ glyphs


call LayoutChanged for all glyphs that are CFeatGlyph

Definition at line 61 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSelectionVisitor()

CSelectionVisitor::CSelectionVisitor ( )

Definition at line 70 of file selection_manager.hpp.

◆ ~CSelectionVisitor()

virtual CSelectionVisitor::~CSelectionVisitor ( )

Definition at line 78 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void CSelectionVisitor::Clear ( void  )

◆ ClearSelectedFeats()

void CSelectionVisitor::ClearSelectedFeats ( )

◆ DeSelectObject()

void CSelectionVisitor::DeSelectObject ( const CObject obj)

◆ GetObjectSelection()

void CSelectionVisitor::GetObjectSelection ( TConstObjects objs) const

◆ GetScope()

objects::CScope * CSelectionVisitor::GetScope ( void  )

Definition at line 47 of file selection_manager.cpp.

References CRef< C, Locker >::GetPointer(), and m_Scope.

Referenced by CAlnMultiPane::TTHH_ProcessURL().

◆ GetSelectedCDSFeats()

const CSelectionVisitor::TSelectedGlyphs & CSelectionVisitor::GetSelectedCDSFeats ( ) const

Definition at line 166 of file selection_manager.hpp.

References m_SelCDSFeatures.

Referenced by CSeqGraphicRenderer::CSeqGraphicRenderer().

◆ GetSelectedFeats()

const CSelectionVisitor::TSelectedGlyphs & CSelectionVisitor::GetSelectedFeats ( ) const

Definition at line 161 of file selection_manager.hpp.

References m_SelFeatures.

Referenced by CSeqGraphicRenderer::CSeqGraphicRenderer().

◆ GetSelectedLayoutObjects()

const CSeqGlyph::TConstObjects & CSelectionVisitor::GetSelectedLayoutObjects ( CSeqGlyph top_glyph)

◆ HasSelectedObjects()

bool CSelectionVisitor::HasSelectedObjects ( ) const

◆ IsObjectSelected()

bool CSelectionVisitor::IsObjectSelected ( const CObject obj)

◆ ResetObjectSelection()

void CSelectionVisitor::ResetObjectSelection ( CSeqGlyph glyph)

◆ SelectObject()

void CSelectionVisitor::SelectObject ( const CObject obj,
bool  verified 

◆ SelectSelection()

void CSelectionVisitor::SelectSelection ( const CSeqGlyph::TConstObjects glyphs)

◆ SetActionMode()

void CSelectionVisitor::SetActionMode ( TActionMode  mode)

CSelectionVisitor inline methods.

Definition at line 152 of file selection_manager.hpp.

References m_ActionMode.

Referenced by GetSelectedLayoutObjects(), ResetObjectSelection(), and UpdateSelection().

◆ SetScope()

void CSelectionVisitor::SetScope ( objects::CScope *  scope)

◆ SetSelectedObjectSig()

void CSelectionVisitor::SetSelectedObjectSig ( const string obj_sig)

◆ UpdateSelection()

void CSelectionVisitor::UpdateSelection ( CSeqGlyph glyph)

◆ Visit()

bool CSelectionVisitor::Visit ( CSeqGlyph glyph)
true if continue to next visiting.

Implements IGlyphVisitor.

Definition at line 52 of file selection_manager.cpp.

References _ASSERT, eAct_CollectSel, eAct_Deselect, eAct_Select, CSeqGlyph::IsSelected(), m_ActionMode, m_SelGlyphs, CSeqGlyph::SetSelected(), and x_DoSelection().

◆ x_DoSelection()

bool CSelectionVisitor::x_DoSelection ( CSeqGlyph glyph)

◆ x_NeedUpdate()

bool CSelectionVisitor::x_NeedUpdate ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_ActionMode

TActionMode CSelectionVisitor::m_ActionMode

Definition at line 138 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by SetActionMode(), and Visit().

◆ m_DeselectedObjs

size_t CSelectionVisitor::m_DeselectedObjs

Definition at line 142 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by DeSelectObject(), x_DoSelection(), and x_NeedUpdate().

◆ m_PostUpdateAction

EPostUpdateAction CSelectionVisitor::m_PostUpdateAction

Definition at line 144 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by Clear(), ClearSelectedFeats(), UpdateSelection(), and x_DoSelection().

◆ m_Scope

CRef<objects::CScope> CSelectionVisitor::m_Scope

◆ m_SelCDSFeatures

TSelectedGlyphs CSelectionVisitor::m_SelCDSFeatures

◆ m_SelectedIndexes

CObjectIndex CSelectionVisitor::m_SelectedIndexes

◆ m_SelectedObjects

TSelectedObjects CSelectionVisitor::m_SelectedObjects

◆ m_SelectedSignatures

list<string> CSelectionVisitor::m_SelectedSignatures

Definition at line 129 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by SetSelectedObjectSig(), x_DoSelection(), and x_NeedUpdate().

◆ m_SelFeatures

TSelectedGlyphs CSelectionVisitor::m_SelFeatures

◆ m_SelGlyphs

CSeqGlyph::TConstObjects CSelectionVisitor::m_SelGlyphs

Definition at line 130 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by GetSelectedLayoutObjects(), and Visit().

◆ m_SelRect

TModelRect CSelectionVisitor::m_SelRect

Definition at line 135 of file selection_manager.hpp.

◆ m_TraversedObjs

size_t CSelectionVisitor::m_TraversedObjs

Definition at line 140 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by UpdateSelection(), and x_DoSelection().

◆ m_TraversedSigs

size_t CSelectionVisitor::m_TraversedSigs

Definition at line 141 of file selection_manager.hpp.

Referenced by UpdateSelection(), and x_DoSelection().

◆ m_UnknownSelectedIndexes

CObjectIndex CSelectionVisitor::m_UnknownSelectedIndexes

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