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CSeqDBTaxInfo Class Reference

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CSeqDBTaxInfo class. More...

#include <objtools/blast/seqdb_reader/impl/seqdbtax.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetTaxNames (TTaxId tax_id, SSeqDBTaxInfo &info)
 Get the taxonomy names for a given tax id. More...

Detailed Description

CSeqDBTaxInfo class.

This manages access to the taxonomy database.

Definition at line 56 of file seqdbtax.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTaxNames()

bool CSeqDBTaxInfo::GetTaxNames ( TTaxId  tax_id,
SSeqDBTaxInfo info 

Get the taxonomy names for a given tax id.

The tax id is looked up in the taxonomy database and the corresponding strings indicating the taxonomy names are returned in the provided structure.

tax_idThe taxonomic identiifer.
infoA container structure in which to return the names.
lockedThe lock holder object for this thread.
true if the taxonomic id was found

Definition at line 229 of file seqdbtax.cpp.

References buffer, ERR_POST, CSeqDBTaxId::GetOffset(), CSeqDB_Substring::GetString(), CSeqDBTaxId::GetTaxId(), GetTaxId(), info, SeqDB_SplitString(), and t.

Referenced by CSeqDBImpl::GetTaxInfo(), CSeqDBVol::x_GetTaxonomy(), and CBlastDBCmdApp::x_PrintBlastDatabaseTaxInformation().

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