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CSeq_annot_Handle Class Reference

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CSeq_annot_Handle –. More...

#include <objmgr/seq_annot_handle.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CSeq_annot TObject
 Unified interface for templates. More...

Public Member Functions

 CSeq_annot_Handle (void)
bool IsRemoved (void) const
const CTSE_HandleGetTSE_Handle (void) const
void Reset (void)
bool operator== (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot) const
 Check if handles point to the same seq-annot. More...
bool operator!= (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot) const
bool operator< (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot) const
 For usage in containers. More...
bool OrderedBefore (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot) const
 More stable comparison - takes loading order in account. More...
CScopeGetScope (void) const
 Get scope this handle belongs to. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_annotGetCompleteSeq_annot (void) const
 Complete and return const reference to the current seq-annot. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_annotGetSeq_annotCore (void) const
CConstRef< TObjectGetCompleteObject (void) const
CConstRef< TObjectGetObjectCore (void) const
CSeq_entry_Handle GetParentEntry (void) const
 Get parent Seq-entry handle. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetTopLevelEntry (void) const
 Get top level Seq-entry handle. More...
CSeq_annot_EditHandle GetEditHandle (void) const
 Get 'edit' version of handle. More...
bool IsNamed (void) const
const stringGetName (void) const
CSeq_annot::C_Data::E_Choice Which (void) const
bool IsFtable (void) const
bool IsAlign (void) const
bool IsGraph (void) const
bool IsIds (void) const
bool IsLocs (void) const
bool IsSeq_table (void) const
size_t GetSeq_tableNumRows (void) const
bool Seq_annot_IsSetId (void) const
bool Seq_annot_CanGetId (void) const
const CSeq_annot::TIdSeq_annot_GetId (void) const
bool Seq_annot_IsSetDb (void) const
bool Seq_annot_CanGetDb (void) const
CSeq_annot::TDb Seq_annot_GetDb (void) const
bool Seq_annot_IsSetName (void) const
bool Seq_annot_CanGetName (void) const
const CSeq_annot::TNameSeq_annot_GetName (void) const
bool Seq_annot_IsSetDesc (void) const
bool Seq_annot_CanGetDesc (void) const
const CSeq_annot::TDescSeq_annot_GetDesc (void) const
void Swap (CSeq_annot_Handle &annot)
const TScopeInfox_GetScopeInfo (void) const
const CSeq_annot_Infox_GetInfo (void) const
const CSeq_annotx_GetSeq_annotCore (void) const
CScope_Implx_GetScopeImpl (void) const

Protected Types

typedef CSeq_annot_ScopeInfo TScopeInfo

Protected Member Functions

 CSeq_annot_Handle (const CSeq_annot_Info &annot, const CTSE_Handle &tse)
void x_Set (const CSeq_annot_Info &annot, const CTSE_Handle &tse)

Protected Attributes

CScopeInfo_Ref< TScopeInfom_Info


class CScope_Impl
class CSeq_annot_CI
class CAnnot_Collector
class CMappedFeat
class CAnnotObject_Ref

Detailed Description

CSeq_annot_Handle –.

Proxy to access seq-annot objects

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