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CSeq_entry_Handle Class Reference

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CSeq_entry_Handle –. More...

#include <objmgr/seq_entry_handle.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CSeq_entry TObject
 Unified interface for templates. More...
typedef CSeq_entry::E_Choice E_Choice
typedef CBioseq_Handle TSeq
typedef CBioseq_set_Handle TSet
typedef CSeq_descr TDescr
typedef CBioseq_set::TClass TClass
typedef CBlobIdKey TBlobId
typedef int TBlobVersion

Public Member Functions

 CSeq_entry_Handle (void)
 CSeq_entry_Handle (const CTSE_Handle &tse)
CScopeGetScope (void) const
 Get scope this handle belongs to. More...
const CBioObjectIdGetBioObjectId (void) const
 Get unique object id. More...
bool HasParentEntry (void) const
 Check if current seq-entry has a parent. More...
CBioseq_set_Handle GetParentBioseq_set (void) const
 Get parent bioseq-set handle. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetParentEntry (void) const
 Get parent Seq-entry handle. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetSingleSubEntry (void) const
 Get handle of the sub seq-entry If current seq-entry is not seq-set or has more than one subentry exception is thrown. More...
bool IsTopLevelEntry (void) const
 Check if this handle is top-level entry. More...
CSeq_entry_Handle GetTopLevelEntry (void) const
 Get top level Seq-entry handle. More...
bool IsTopLevelSeq_submit (void) const
 Seq-submit access functions. More...
const CSeq_submitGetTopLevelSeq_submit (void) const
const CSubmit_blockGetTopLevelSubmit_block (void) const
CBioseq_Handle GetBioseqHandle (const CSeq_id &id) const
 Get Bioseq handle from the TSE of this Seq-entry. More...
CBioseq_Handle GetBioseqHandle (const CSeq_id_Handle &id) const
CSeq_entry_EditHandle GetEditHandle (void) const
 Get 'edit' version of handle. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_entryGetCompleteSeq_entry (void) const
 Complete and get const reference to the seq-entry. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_entryGetSeq_entryCore (void) const
 Get const reference to the seq-entry. More...
CConstRef< TObjectGetCompleteObject (void) const
CConstRef< TObjectGetObjectCore (void) const
E_Choice Which (void) const
bool IsSeq (void) const
TSeq GetSeq (void) const
bool IsSet (void) const
TSet GetSet (void) const
bool IsSetDescr (void) const
const TDescrGetDescr (void) const
TBlobId GetBlobId (void) const
TBlobVersion GetBlobVersion (void) const
bool IsRemoved (void) const
const CTSE_HandleGetTSE_Handle (void) const
void Reset (void)
 Reset handle and make it not to point to any seq-entry. More...
void Swap (CSeq_entry_Handle &h)
 Reset handle and make it not to point to any seq-entry. More...
bool operator== (const CSeq_entry_Handle &handle) const
 Check if handles point to the same seq-entry. More...
bool operator!= (const CSeq_entry_Handle &handle) const
bool operator< (const CSeq_entry_Handle &handle) const
 For usage in containers. More...
const TScopeInfox_GetScopeInfo (void) const
const CSeq_entry_Infox_GetInfo (void) const

Protected Types

typedef CSeq_entry_ScopeInfo TScopeInfo
typedef CScopeInfo_Ref< TScopeInfoTLock

Protected Member Functions

 CSeq_entry_Handle (const CSeq_entry_Info &info, const CTSE_Handle &tse)
CScope_Implx_GetScopeImpl (void) const

Protected Attributes

TLock m_Info


class CScope_Impl
class CBioseq_Handle
class CBioseq_set_Handle
class CSeq_annot_Handle
class CTSE_Handle
class CSeqMap_CI
class CSeq_entry_CI

Detailed Description

CSeq_entry_Handle –.

Proxy to access seq-entry objects

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