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CSeq_feat_EditHandle Class Reference

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CSeq_feat_EditHandle –. More...

#include <objmgr/seq_feat_handle.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CSeq_feat_EditHandle (void)
 CSeq_feat_EditHandle (const CSeq_feat_Handle &h)
CSeq_annot_EditHandle GetAnnot (void) const
void Remove (void) const
 Remove the feature from Seq-annot. More...
void Replace (const CSeq_feat &new_feat) const
 Replace the feature with new Seq-feat object. More...
void Update (void) const
 Update index after manual modification of the object. More...
void SetGeneXref (CGene_ref &value)
 get gene (if present) from Seq-feat.xref list More...
CGene_refSetGeneXref (void)
void SetProtXref (CProt_ref &value)
 get protein (if present) from Seq-feat.xref list More...
CProt_refSetProtXref (void)
void AddQualifier (const string &qual_name, const string &qual_val)
 Add a qualifier to this feature. More...
void RemoveQualifier (const string &qual_name)
 Remove all qualifiers with the given name on this feature. More...
void AddDbxref (const string &db_name, const string &db_key)
 add a DB xref to this feature More...
void AddDbxref (const string &db_name, int db_key)
void AddExceptText (const string &exception_text)
 Add the given exception_text and set the except flag to true. More...
void RemoveExceptText (const string &exception_text)
 Remove all instances of the given exception text in this feature, and reset the except flag if there are no exception texts left. More...
void AddFeatId (int id)
 Add feature id. More...
void AddFeatId (const string &id)
void AddFeatId (const CObject_id &id)
void AddFeatXref (int id)
void AddFeatXref (const string &id)
void AddFeatXref (const CObject_id &id)
void RemoveFeatId (int id)
 Remove feature id. More...
void RemoveFeatId (const string &id)
void RemoveFeatId (const CObject_id &id)
void RemoveFeatXref (int id)
void RemoveFeatXref (const string &id)
void RemoveFeatXref (const CObject_id &id)
void ClearFeatIds (void)
 Clear feature ids. More...
void ClearFeatXrefs (void)
void SetFeatId (int id)
 Set single feature id. More...
void SetFeatId (const string &id)
void SetFeatId (const CObject_id &id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CSeq_feat_Handle
 CSeq_feat_Handle (void)
 ~CSeq_feat_Handle (void)
void Reset (void)
 DECLARE_OPERATOR_BOOL (m_Seq_annot &&!IsRemoved())
bool operator== (const CSeq_feat_Handle &feat) const
bool operator!= (const CSeq_feat_Handle &feat) const
bool operator< (const CSeq_feat_Handle &feat) const
CScopeGetScope (void) const
 Get scope this handle belongs to. More...
const CSeq_annot_HandleGetAnnot (void) const
 Get handle to seq-annot for this feature. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_featGetPlainSeq_feat (void) const
 Get current seq-feat. More...
CConstRef< CSeq_featGetOriginalSeq_feat (void) const
virtual CConstRef< CSeq_featGetSeq_feat (void) const
bool IsPlainFeat (void) const
 Check if this is plain feature. More...
bool IsTableFeat (void) const
 Check if this is non-SNP table feature. More...
bool IsSortedTableFeat (void) const
 Check if this is a simple feature from sorted Seq-table. More...
bool IsTableSNP (void) const
 Check if this is SNP table feature. More...
virtual TRange GetRange (void) const
 Get range for current seq-feat. More...
virtual CSeq_id_Handle GetLocationId (void) const
TRange GetLocationTotalRange (void) const
virtual CSeq_id_Handle GetProductId (void) const
virtual TRange GetProductTotalRange (void) const
bool IsSetId (void) const
const CFeat_idGetId (void) const
bool IsSetData (void) const
const CSeqFeatDataGetData (void) const
virtual bool IsSetPartial (void) const
virtual bool GetPartial (void) const
bool IsSetExcept (void) const
bool GetExcept (void) const
bool IsSetComment (void) const
const stringGetComment (void) const
bool IsSetProduct (void) const
virtual const CSeq_locGetProduct (void) const
virtual const CSeq_locGetLocation (void) const
bool IsSetQual (void) const
const CSeq_feat::TQualGetQual (void) const
bool IsSetTitle (void) const
const stringGetTitle (void) const
bool IsSetExt (void) const
const CUser_objectGetExt (void) const
bool IsSetCit (void) const
const CPub_setGetCit (void) const
bool IsSetExp_ev (void) const
CSeq_feat::EExp_ev GetExp_ev (void) const
bool IsSetXref (void) const
const CSeq_feat::TXrefGetXref (void) const
bool IsSetDbxref (void) const
const CSeq_feat::TDbxrefGetDbxref (void) const
bool IsSetPseudo (void) const
bool GetPseudo (void) const
bool IsSetExcept_text (void) const
const stringGetExcept_text (void) const
bool IsSetIds (void) const
const CSeq_feat::TIdsGetIds (void) const
bool IsSetExts (void) const
const CSeq_feat::TExtsGetExts (void) const
CSeqFeatData::E_Choice GetFeatType (void) const
CSeqFeatData::ESubtype GetFeatSubtype (void) const
TSNPId GetSNPId (void) const
const CSeq_idGetSNPSeq_id (void) const
CSeq_id::TGi GetSNPGi (void) const
bool IsSNPMinusStrand (void) const
TWeight GetSNPWeight (void) const
size_t GetSNPAllelesCount (void) const
const stringGetSNPAllele (size_t index) const
bool IsSetSNPComment (void) const
const stringGetSNPComment (void) const
bool IsSetSNPQualityCode (void) const
CUser_field::TData::E_Choice GetSNPQualityCodeWhich (void) const
const stringGetSNPQualityCodeStr (void) const
void GetSNPQualityCodeOs (vector< char > &os) const
bool IsSetSNPExtra (void) const
const stringGetSNPExtra (void) const
bool IsRemoved (void) const
 Return true if this feature was removed already. More...
void Remove (void) const
 Remove the feature from Seq-annot. More...
void Replace (const CSeq_feat &new_feat) const
 Replace the feature with new Seq-feat object. More...
const CGene_refGetGeneXref (void) const
 get gene (if present) from Seq-feat.xref list More...
const CProt_refGetProtXref (void) const
 get protein (if present) from Seq-feat.xref list More...
CConstRef< CDbtagGetNamedDbxref (const CTempString &db) const
 Return a specified DB xref. More...
const stringGetNamedQual (const CTempString &qual_name) const
 Return a named qualifier. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISeq_feat
virtual ~ISeq_feat (void)

Protected Member Functions

 CSeq_feat_EditHandle (const CSeq_annot_EditHandle &annot, TFeatIndex feat_index)
 CSeq_feat_EditHandle (const CSeq_annot_EditHandle &annot, const SSNP_Info &snp_info, CCreatedFeat_Ref &created_ref)
void x_RealRemove (void) const
 Remove the feature from Seq-annot. More...
void x_RealReplace (const CSeq_feat &new_feat) const
 Replace the feature with new Seq-feat object. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CSeq_feat_Handle
bool x_HasAnnotObjectInfo () const
TFeatIndex x_GetFeatIndex () const
const CSeq_annot_Infox_GetSeq_annot_Info (void) const
const CSeq_annot_SNP_Infox_GetSNP_annot_Info (void) const
const CAnnotObject_Infox_GetAnnotObject_InfoAny (void) const
const CAnnotObject_Infox_GetAnnotObject_Info (void) const
const CSeq_featx_GetPlainSeq_feat (void) const
const SSNP_Infox_GetSNP_InfoAny (void) const
const SSNP_Infox_GetSNP_Info (void) const
 CSeq_feat_Handle (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot, TFeatIndex feat_index)
 CSeq_feat_Handle (const CSeq_annot_Handle &annot, const SSNP_Info &snp_info, CCreatedFeat_Ref &created_ref)
 CSeq_feat_Handle (CScope &scope, CAnnotObject_Info *info)


class CSeq_annot_EditHandle
class CSeq_annot_Add_EditCommand< CSeq_feat_EditHandle >
class CSeq_annot_Replace_EditCommand< CSeq_feat_EditHandle >
class CSeq_annot_Remove_EditCommand< CSeq_feat_EditHandle >
class CSeq_annot_ftable_I

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CSeq_feat_Handle
typedef CRange< TSeqPosTRange
typedef SSNP_Info::TSNPId TSNPId
typedef SSNP_Info::TWeight TWeight
- Protected Types inherited from CSeq_feat_Handle
enum  { kNoAnnotObjectInfo = 0x80000000 , kFeatIndexMask = 0x7fffffff }
typedef Int4 TFeatIndex

Detailed Description

CSeq_feat_EditHandle –.

Proxy to edit the seq-feat objects data

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