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#include "statictype.hpp"
(Private to src/serial/datatool.)

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Public Member Functions

virtual void PrintASN (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent) const override
virtual void PrintJSONSchema (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent, list< string > &required, bool contents_only=false) const override
virtual void PrintXMLSchema (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent, bool contents_only=false) const override
virtual void PrintDTDElement (CNcbiOstream &out, bool contents_only=false) const override
virtual TObjectPtr CreateDefault (const CDataValue &value) const override
virtual AutoPtr< CTypeStringsGetFullCType (void) const override
virtual const char * GetDefaultCType (void) const =0
virtual const char * GetXMLContents (void) const =0
virtual bool PrintXMLSchemaContents (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent, const CDataMember *mem) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDataType
 CDataType (void)
virtual ~CDataType (void)
const CDataTypeGetParentType (void) const
const CDataTypeModuleGetModule (void) const
bool HaveModuleName (void) const
const stringGetSourceFileName (void) const
int GetSourceLine (void) const
void SetSourceLine (int line)
string LocationString (void) const
string GetKeyPrefix (void) const
string IdName (void) const
string XmlTagName (void) const
const stringGlobalName (void) const
bool Skipped (void) const
string DefClassMemberName (void) const
string ClassName (void) const
string FileName (void) const
const CNamespaceNamespace (void) const
string InheritFromClass (void) const
const CDataTypeInheritFromType (void) const
const string GetVar (const string &value, int collect=0) const
bool GetBoolVar (const string &value, bool default_value=false) const
void ForbidVar (const string &var, const string &value)
void AllowVar (const string &var, const string &value)
const string GetAndVerifyVar (const string &value) const
bool InChoice (void) const
void PrintASNTypeComments (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent, int flags=0) const
void PrintDTDTypeComments (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent) const
virtual void PrintSpecDump (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent) const
virtual void PrintSpecDumpExtra (CNcbiOstream &out, int indent) const
virtual const char * GetASNKeyword (void) const
virtual string GetSpecKeyword (void) const
virtual string GetSchemaTypeString (void) const
void PrintDTD (CNcbiOstream &out) const
void PrintDTD (CNcbiOstream &out, const CComments &extra) const
virtual void PrintDTDExtra (CNcbiOstream &out) const
virtual CTypeRef GetTypeInfo (void)
virtual const CTypeInfoGetAnyTypeInfo (void)
virtual bool NeedAutoPointer (const CTypeInfo *typeInfo) const
virtual const CTypeInfoGetRealTypeInfo (void)
virtual CTypeInfoCreateTypeInfo (void)
CTypeInfoUpdateModuleName (CTypeInfo *typeInfo) const
void Warning (const string &mess, int err_subcode=0) const
virtual AutoPtr< CTypeStringsGenerateCode (void) const
void SetParentClassTo (CClassTypeStrings &code) const
virtual AutoPtr< CTypeStringsGetRefCType (void) const
virtual string GetDefaultString (const CDataValue &value) const
virtual const CDataTypeResolve (void) const
virtual CDataTypeResolve (void)
CDataTypeResolveGlobal (const string &name) const
CDataTypeResolveLocal (const string &name) const
bool IsInSet (void) const
const CUniSequenceDataTypeGetInSet (void) const
void SetInSet (const CUniSequenceDataType *sequence)
bool IsInChoice (void) const
const CChoiceDataTypeGetInChoice (void) const
void SetInChoice (const CChoiceDataType *choice)
bool IsReferenced (void) const
void AddReference (const CReferenceDataType *reference)
const TReferencesGetReferences (void) const
bool IsInUniSeq (void) const
bool IsUniSeq (void) const
bool IsContainer (void) const
bool IsEnumType (void) const
void SetParent (const CDataType *parent, const string &memberName, string xmlName=kEmptyStr)
void SetParent (const CDataTypeModule *module, const string &typeName)
virtual void FixTypeTree (void) const
bool Check (void)
virtual bool CheckType (void) const
virtual bool CheckValue (const CDataValue &value) const =0
CCommentsComments (void)
const CCommentsComments (void) const
void SetDataMember (CDataMember *dm)
const CDataMemberGetDataMember (void) const
void SetTag (CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag tag)
CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag GetTag (void) const
bool HasTag (void) const
void SetTagClass (CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass tclass)
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass GetTagClass (void) const
void SetTagType (CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType ttype)
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType GetTagType (void) const
CNcbiOstreamPrintASNTag (CNcbiOstream &out) const
void SetTypeStr (CClassTypeStrings *TypeStr) const
CClassTypeStringsGetTypeStr (void) const
bool IsPrimitive (void) const
bool IsStdType (void) const
bool IsReference (void) const
void SetIsAlias (bool value)
bool IsAlias (void) const
void SetIsTypeAlias (bool value) const
bool IsTypeAlias (void) const
virtual const char * GetDEFKeyword (void) const
const stringGetMemberName (void) const
void SetNamespaceName (const string &name)
const stringGetNamespaceName (void) const
void SetNsQualified (bool qualified)
ENsQualifiedMode IsNsQualified (void) const
void SetNillable (void)
bool IsNillable (void) const
void SetGlobalType (EGlobalType type)
EGlobalType GetGlobalType (void) const
void SetEmptyExternalName (bool set)
bool HasExternalName (void) const
string GetFullName (void) const
void SetRestrictions (const list< CMemberFacet > &c)
const list< CMemberFacet > & GetRestrictions (void) const

Private Types

typedef CDataType CParent

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CDataType
enum  { eNoExplicitTag = -1 }
enum  EGlobalType { eElement = 0 , eType , eGroup }
typedef void * TObjectPtr
typedef list< const CReferenceDataType * > TReferences
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CDataType
static string GetTagClassString (CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass tclass)
static string GetTagTypeString (CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType ttype)
static void EnableDTDEntities (bool enable=true)
static bool DTDEntitiesEnabled (void)
static void SetEnforcedStdXml (bool set=true)
static bool GetEnforcedStdXml (void)
static void SetSourceDataSpec (EDataSpec spec)
static EDataSpec GetSourceDataSpec (void)
static string GetSourceDataSpecString (void)
static bool IsASNDataSpec (void)
static bool IsXMLDataSpec (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDataType
void x_SetMemberAndClassName (const string &memberName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from CDataType
static bool x_IsSavedName (const string &name)
static void x_AddSavedName (const string &name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file statictype.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CParent

Definition at line 41 of file statictype.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateDefault()

TObjectPtr CStaticDataType::CreateDefault ( const CDataValue value) const

◆ GetDefaultCType()

virtual const char* CStaticDataType::GetDefaultCType ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ GetFullCType()

AutoPtr< CTypeStrings > CStaticDataType::GetFullCType ( void  ) const

◆ GetXMLContents()

virtual const char* CStaticDataType::GetXMLContents ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ PrintASN()

void CStaticDataType::PrintASN ( CNcbiOstream out,
int  indent 
) const

Implements CDataType.

Reimplemented in CAnyContentDataType.

Definition at line 57 of file statictype.cpp.

References CDataType::GetASNKeyword(), out(), and CDataType::PrintASNTag().

◆ PrintDTDElement()

void CStaticDataType::PrintDTDElement ( CNcbiOstream out,
bool  contents_only = false 
) const

◆ PrintJSONSchema()

void CStaticDataType::PrintJSONSchema ( CNcbiOstream out,
int  indent,
list< string > &  required,
bool  contents_only = false 
) const

◆ PrintXMLSchema()

void CStaticDataType::PrintXMLSchema ( CNcbiOstream out,
int  indent,
bool  contents_only = false 
) const

◆ PrintXMLSchemaContents()

bool CStaticDataType::PrintXMLSchemaContents ( CNcbiOstream out,
int  indent,
const CDataMember mem 
) const

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