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CStlClassInfoFunctionsI< Container > Class Template Reference

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#include <serial/impl/stltypes.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CParent::TStlIterator TStlIterator
typedef CParent::TTypeInfoIterator TTypeInfoIterator
typedef CParent::TObjectPtr TObjectPtr
- Public Types inherited from CStlClassInfoFunctionsIBase< Container, Container::iterator, Container *, Container::value_type &, CContainerTypeInfo::CIterator >
typedef Container::iterator TStlIterator
typedef CContainerTypeInfo::CIterator TTypeInfoIterator
typedef TTypeInfoIterator::TObjectPtr TObjectPtr
typedef CStlClassInfoFunctions< Container > CParent
- Public Types inherited from CStlClassInfoFunctions< Container >
typedef Container TObjectType
typedef TObjectType::value_type TElementType

Static Public Member Functions

static bool EraseElement (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static void EraseAllElements (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static void SetIteratorFunctions (CStlOneArgTemplate *info)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CStlClassInfoFunctionsIBase< Container, Container::iterator, Container *, Container::value_type &, CContainerTypeInfo::CIterator >
static TStlIteratorIt (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static const TStlIteratorIt (const TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static bool InitIterator (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static void ReleaseIterator (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static void CopyIterator (TTypeInfoIterator &dst, const TTypeInfoIterator &src)
static bool NextElement (TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
static TObjectPtr GetElementPtr (const TTypeInfoIterator &iter)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CStlClassInfoFunctions< Container >
static TObjectTypeGet (TObjectPtr objectPtr)
static const TObjectTypeGet (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr)
static TObjectPtr CreateContainer (TTypeInfo, CObjectMemoryPool *)
static bool IsDefault (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr)
static void SetDefault (TObjectPtr objectPtr)
static TObjectPtr AddElement (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType, TObjectPtr containerPtr, TConstObjectPtr elementPtr, ESerialRecursionMode how=eRecursive)
static TObjectPtr AddElementIn (const CContainerTypeInfo *containerType, TObjectPtr containerPtr, CObjectIStream &in)
static size_t GetElementCount (const CContainerTypeInfo *, TConstObjectPtr containerPtr)
static void SetMemFunctions (CStlOneArgTemplate *info)
static void SetAddElementFunctions (CStlOneArgTemplate *info)
static void SetCountFunctions (CStlOneArgTemplate *info)

Private Types

typedef CStlClassInfoFunctionsIBase< Container, typename Container::iterator, Container *, typename Container::value_type &, CContainerTypeInfo::CIteratorCParent

Detailed Description

template<class Container>
class CStlClassInfoFunctionsI< Container >

Definition at line 498 of file stltypes.hpp.

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