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CStrTokenize< TStr, TV, TP, TCount, TReserve > Class Template Reference

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Main tokenization algorithm. More...

#include <corelib/ncbistr_util.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef TStr TString
typedef TV TContainer
typedef TP TPosContainer
typedef TCount TCountTrait
typedef TReserve TReserveTrait
- Public Types inherited from CStrTokenizeBase
typedef NStr::TSplitFlags TFlags

Public Member Functions

 CStrTokenize (const TString &str, const TString &delim, TFlags flags, CTempString_Storage *storage)
 Constructor. More...
void Do (TContainer &target, TPosContainer &token_pos, const TString &empty_str=TString())
 Tokenize the string using the specified set of char delimiters. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CStrTokenizeBase
 CStrTokenizeBase (const CTempString &str, const CTempString &delim, TFlags flags, CTempString_Storage *storage)
SIZE_TYPE GetPos (void) const
bool AtEnd (void) const
bool Advance (CTempStringList *part_collector)
 Return TRUE if it found some text and put it into collector. More...
bool Advance (CTempStringList *part_collector, SIZE_TYPE *ptr_part_start, SIZE_TYPE *ptr_delim_pos)
void SkipDelims (void)
 Skip all delimiters starting from current position. More...
void MergeDelims (void)
 Assumes that we already have a delimiter on the previous position, so just skip all subsequent, depending on flags. More...
void SetDelim (const CTempString &delim)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CStrTokenizeBase
const CTempStringm_Str
CTempString m_Delim
TFlags m_Flags

Detailed Description

template<class TStr, class TV, class TP = CStrDummyTokenPos, class TCount = CStrDummyTokenCount, class TReserve = CStrDummyTargetReserve<TV, TP>>
class CStrTokenize< TStr, TV, TP, TCount, TReserve >

Main tokenization algorithm.

TStr - string type (must follow std::string interface) TV - container type for tokens (std::vector) TP - target container type for token positions (vector<size_t>) TCount - token count trait for the target container space reservation TReserve- target space reservation trait

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