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C_Attlist –. More...

#include <build-system/project_tree_builder/msbuild/StringPropertyType_.hpp>

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Public Types

enum class  E_memberIndex { e__allMandatory = 0 , e_Condition , e_Label }
typedef NCBI_NS_STD::string TCondition
typedef NCBI_NS_STD::string TLabel
typedef Tparent::CMemberIndex< E_memberIndex, 3 > TmemberIndex

Public Member Functions

 C_Attlist (void)
 ~C_Attlist (void)
bool IsSetCondition (void) const
 ncbi: removed SetEnv ncbi: removed XDCMake ncbi: removed XSD ncbi: removed VCMessage Optional expression evaluated to determine whether the property should be evaluated Check if a value has been assigned to Condition data member. More...
bool CanGetCondition (void) const
 Check if it is safe to call GetCondition method. More...
void ResetCondition (void)
 Reset Condition data member. More...
const TConditionGetCondition (void) const
 Get the Condition member data. More...
void SetCondition (const TCondition &value)
 Assign a value to Condition data member. More...
void SetCondition (TCondition &&value)
TConditionSetCondition (void)
 Assign a value to Condition data member. More...
bool IsSetLabel (void) const
 Optional expression. More...
bool CanGetLabel (void) const
 Check if it is safe to call GetLabel method. More...
void ResetLabel (void)
 Reset Label data member. More...
const TLabelGetLabel (void) const
 Get the Label member data. More...
void SetLabel (const TLabel &value)
 Assign a value to Label data member. More...
void SetLabel (TLabel &&value)
TLabelSetLabel (void)
 Assign a value to Label data member. More...
void Reset (void)
 Reset the whole object. More...

Private Types

typedef NCBI_NS_NCBI::CSerialObject Tparent

Private Member Functions

 C_Attlist (const C_Attlist &)
C_Attlistoperator= (const C_Attlist &)

Private Attributes

Uint4 m_set_State [1]
NCBI_NS_STD::string m_Condition
NCBI_NS_STD::string m_Label

Detailed Description

C_Attlist –.

Definition at line 87 of file StringPropertyType_.hpp.

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