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CStringReader Class Reference

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string-based IReader More...

#include <corelib/stream_utils.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CStringReader (const string &s)
virtual ERW_Result Read (void *buf, size_t count, size_t *bytes_read)
 Read as many as "count" bytes into a buffer pointed to by the "buf" argument. More...
virtual ERW_Result PendingCount (size_t *count)
 Via parameter "count" (which is guaranteed to be supplied non-NULL) return the number of bytes that are ready to be read from the input device without blocking. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IReader
virtual ERW_Result Pushback (const void *buf, size_t count, void *del_ptr=0)
 This method gets called by RStream buffer destructor to return buffered yet still unread (from the stream) portion of data back to the device. More...
virtual ~IReader ()

Private Attributes

string m_String
SIZE_TYPE m_Position

Detailed Description

string-based IReader

Definition at line 202 of file stream_utils.hpp.

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