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CSysLog Class Reference

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#include <corelib/syslog.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EFlags {
  fNoOverride = 0x40000000 , fCopyToStderr = 0x20000000 , fFallBackToConsole = 0x10000000 , fIncludePID = 0x08000000 ,
  fConnectNow = 0x04000000 , fNoChildWait = 0x02000000 , fAllFlags = 0x7e000000
enum  EPriority {
  eEmergency , eAlert , eCritical , eError ,
  eWarning , eNotice , eInfo , eDebug
enum  EFacility {
  eDefaultFacility , eKernel , eUser , eMail ,
  eDaemon , eAuth , eSysLog , eLPR ,
  eNews , eUUCP , eCron , eAuthPriv ,
  eFTP , eLocal0 , eLocal1 , eLocal2 ,
  eLocal3 , eLocal4 , eLocal5 , eLocal6 ,
typedef int TFlags
- Public Types inherited from CDiagHandler
enum  EReopenFlags { fTruncate = 0x01 , fCheck = 0x02 , fDefault = 0 }
typedef int TReopenFlags

Public Member Functions

 CSysLog (const string &ident=kEmptyStr, TFlags flags=fNoOverride, EFacility default_facility=eDefaultFacility)
 CSysLog (const string &ident, TFlags flags, int default_facility)
 ~CSysLog ()
void Post (const SDiagMessage &mess)
 Post message to handler. More...
void Post (const string &message, EPriority priority, EFacility facility=eDefaultFacility)
void Post (const string &message, EPriority priority, int facility)
void HonorRegistrySettings (const IRegistry *reg=0)
string GetLogName (void)
 Get current diag posts destination. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDiagHandler
virtual ~CDiagHandler (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual void PostToConsole (const SDiagMessage &mess)
 Post message to console regardless of its severity. More...
virtual bool AllowAsyncWrite (const SDiagMessage &msg) const
 Check if the handler supports async writes. More...
virtual string ComposeMessage (const SDiagMessage &msg, EDiagFileType *file_type) const
 Compose message without writing it. More...
virtual void WriteMessage (const char *buf, size_t len, EDiagFileType file_type)
 Write string to the log. More...
virtual void Reopen (TReopenFlags)
 Reopen file to enable log rotation. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const char * kLogName_Syslog = "SYSLOG"

Private Member Functions

int x_TranslateFacility (EFacility facility)
void x_Connect (void)

Static Private Member Functions

static int x_TranslateFlags (TFlags flags)

Private Attributes

string m_Ident
TFlags m_Flags
int m_DefaultFacility

Static Private Attributes

static CSysLogsm_Current = NULL

Detailed Description

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