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CTMS_ItemResolver_Client Class Reference

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#include <objects/trackmgr/item_resolver_client.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef objects::CTMgr_ItemResolverRequest TRequest
typedef objects::CTMgr_ItemResolverReply TReply
typedef CConstRef< TRequestTRequestCRef
typedef CRef< TReplyTReplyRef

Public Member Functions

 CTMS_ItemResolver_Client (const string &NS_service, const string &NS_queue, const string &client_name, const string &NC_registry_section)
 CTMS_ItemResolver_Client (const string &NS_registry_section="netschedule_api", const string &NC_registry_section=kEmptyStr)
virtual ~CTMS_ItemResolver_Client ()
TReplyRef Fetch (const TRequest &request) const

Private Types

typedef CGridRPCBaseClient< ncbi::CAsnBinCompressed > TBaseClient

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from CGridRPCBaseClient< CAsnBinCompressed >
 CGridRPCBaseClient (const string &NS_service, const string &NS_queue, const string &client_name, const string &NC_registry_section)
 CGridRPCBaseClient (const string &NS_registry_section="netschedule_api", const string &NC_registry_section=kEmptyStr)
void SetTimeout (const size_t timeout)
 Sets the request timeout (default is 20s) More...
void x_Init (const string &NC_registry_section)
virtual ~CGridRPCBaseClient ()=default
pair< CNetScheduleJob, boolAskStream (CNcbiIstream &request, CNcbiOstream &reply) const
 Sends an ASN.1 request, waiting specified time. More...
pair< CNetScheduleJob, boolAsk (const TRequest &request, TReply &reply) const
 Sends an ASN.1 request, waiting specified time. More...
 CGridRPCBaseClient (const CGridRPCBaseClient &)=delete
 CGridRPCBaseClient (CGridRPCBaseClient &&c)
virtual void x_PrepareJob (CNetScheduleJob &) const
CNetScheduleJob x_GetJobById (const string job_id, TReply &reply) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TBaseClient

typedef CGridRPCBaseClient<ncbi::CAsnBinCompressed> CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::TBaseClient

Definition at line 53 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

◆ TReply

typedef objects::CTMgr_ItemResolverReply CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::TReply

Definition at line 57 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

◆ TReplyRef

Definition at line 59 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

◆ TRequest

typedef objects::CTMgr_ItemResolverRequest CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::TRequest

Definition at line 56 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

◆ TRequestCRef

Definition at line 58 of file item_resolver_client.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CTMS_ItemResolver_Client() [1/2]

CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::CTMS_ItemResolver_Client ( const string NS_service,
const string NS_queue,
const string client_name,
const string NC_registry_section 

Definition at line 42 of file item_resolver_client.cpp.

◆ CTMS_ItemResolver_Client() [2/2]

CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::CTMS_ItemResolver_Client ( const string NS_registry_section = "netschedule_api",
const string NC_registry_section = kEmptyStr 

Definition at line 51 of file item_resolver_client.cpp.

◆ ~CTMS_ItemResolver_Client()

CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::~CTMS_ItemResolver_Client ( )

Definition at line 58 of file item_resolver_client.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Fetch()

CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::TReplyRef CTMS_ItemResolver_Client::Fetch ( const TRequest request) const

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