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CTaskViewModel Class Reference

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CTaskViewModel - table model for Task View. More...

#include <gui/framework/task_view.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EColumns {
  eNone = -1 , eDescription , eState , eStatus ,
  eTime , eMaxCols
typedef CAppTaskService::TTaskRef TTaskRef
typedef CAppTaskService::TRecordRef TRecordRef
typedef CAppTaskService::TRecRefVec TRecRefVec

Public Member Functions

 CTaskViewModel (CAppTaskService *task_srv)
 CTaskView. More...
virtual int GetNumRows () const
 Returns the number of rows in the model. More...
virtual int GetNumColumns () const
 Returns the number of columns in the model. More...
virtual wxVariant GetValueAt (int row, int col) const
virtual wxString GetColumnType (int col) const
 Tries to extract actual type from row 0 value if it exists. More...
virtual wxString GetColumnName (int col) const
 Returns a default name for the column using spreadsheet conventions: A, B, C, ... More...
void ShowTasksByState (IAppTask::ETaskState state, bool show, bool up=true)
bool IsStateShown (IAppTask::ETaskState state)
TTaskRef GetTask (int row)
void UpdateTable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CwxAbstractTableModel
 CwxAbstractTableModel ()
 CwxAbstractTableModel. More...
virtual void AddTMListener (IwxTableModelListener &aTMEar)
virtual void RemoveTMListener (IwxTableModelListener &aTMEar)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IwxDecoratedTableModel
virtual ~IwxDecoratedTableModel ()
virtual wxString GetColumnTitle (int col_idx) const
 All the same methods of IwxTableModel, plus. More...
virtual CIRef< IwxStringFormatGetColumnFormat (int) const
virtual wxString GetImageAliasAt (int, int) const
virtual wxString GetTooltipTextAt (int, int) const
virtual wxColor GetBackgroundColor (int) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IwxTableModel
virtual ~IwxTableModel ()
virtual wxString GetTypeAt (int, int col) const
virtual bool IsEditableAt (int, int) const
virtual void SetValueAt (int, int, const wxVariant &)

Protected Types

typedef vector< TTaskRefTTaskRefVec

Protected Member Functions

void x_AddTasks (TRecRefVec &tasks)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CwxAbstractTableModel
virtual void x_FireDataChanged ()
virtual void x_FireStructureChanged ()
virtual void x_FireRowsInserted (int first_row, int last_row=-1)
virtual void x_FireRowsUpdated (int first_row, int last_row=-1)
virtual void x_FireRowsDeleted (int first_row, int last_row=-1)
virtual void x_FireCellUpdated (int row, int col)
virtual void x_FireTableChanged (const CwxTableModelNotice &note)

Protected Attributes

string m_Names [eMaxCols]
CTimeFormat m_TimeFormat
vector< boolm_Filter
vector< TRecordRefm_Records
- Protected Attributes inherited from CwxAbstractTableModel
list< IwxTableModelListener * > m_ListenerList
 List of TM Listeners Listeners are just stored, no deletion upon removal. More...

Detailed Description

CTaskViewModel - table model for Task View.

Definition at line 69 of file task_view.hpp.

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