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CTreeConstIterator Class Reference

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#include "ctreecont.hpp"
(Private to src/objects/taxon1.)

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Public Member Functions

void GoRoot ()
bool GoParent ()
bool GoChild ()
bool GoSibling ()
bool GoNode (const CTreeContNodeBase *pNode)
bool GoAncestor (const CTreeContNodeBase *node)
const CTreeContNodeBaseGetNode () const
bool BelongSubtree (const CTreeContNodeBase *subtree_root) const
bool AboveNode (const CTreeContNodeBase *node) const
 CTreeConstIterator (const CTreeCont *tree)
virtual ~CTreeConstIterator ()

Private Member Functions

 CTreeConstIterator ()

Private Attributes

const CTreeContNodeBasem_node
const CTreeContm_tree

Detailed Description

Definition at line 277 of file ctreecont.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CTreeConstIterator() [1/2]

CTreeConstIterator::CTreeConstIterator ( const CTreeCont tree)

Definition at line 326 of file ctreecont.hpp.

◆ ~CTreeConstIterator()

virtual CTreeConstIterator::~CTreeConstIterator ( )

Definition at line 332 of file ctreecont.hpp.

◆ CTreeConstIterator() [2/2]

CTreeConstIterator::CTreeConstIterator ( )

Definition at line 337 of file ctreecont.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AboveNode()

bool CTreeConstIterator::AboveNode ( const CTreeContNodeBase node) const

Definition at line 544 of file ctreecont.cpp.

References m_node, and CTreeContNodeBase::m_parent.

Referenced by CFullTreeConstIterator::AboveNode(), and GoAncestor().

◆ BelongSubtree()

bool CTreeConstIterator::BelongSubtree ( const CTreeContNodeBase subtree_root) const

Definition at line 531 of file ctreecont.cpp.

References m_node, and CTreeContNodeBase::m_parent.

Referenced by CFullTreeConstIterator::BelongSubtree(), and GoAncestor().

◆ GetNode()

const CTreeContNodeBase* CTreeConstIterator::GetNode ( void  ) const

◆ GoAncestor()

bool CTreeConstIterator::GoAncestor ( const CTreeContNodeBase node)

◆ GoChild()

bool CTreeConstIterator::GoChild ( )

◆ GoNode()

bool CTreeConstIterator::GoNode ( const CTreeContNodeBase pNode)

◆ GoParent()

bool CTreeConstIterator::GoParent ( )

◆ GoRoot()

void CTreeConstIterator::GoRoot ( )

Definition at line 280 of file ctreecont.hpp.

References m_node, CTreeCont::m_root, and m_tree.

Referenced by CTaxTreeConstIterator::GoRoot().

◆ GoSibling()

bool CTreeConstIterator::GoSibling ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_node

const CTreeContNodeBase* CTreeConstIterator::m_node

◆ m_tree

const CTreeCont* CTreeConstIterator::m_tree

Definition at line 339 of file ctreecont.hpp.

Referenced by GoRoot().

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