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CUnculturedTool Class Reference

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#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_lookup.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CUnculturedTool ()
 CUnculturedTool (const objects::CBioSource &bsrc)
 ~CUnculturedTool ()
void SetBioSource (const objects::CBioSource &bsrc)
string GetSuggestedCorrection (void)
void CorrectBioSource (objects::CBioSource &bsrc, bool &converted_note, bool &removed_note_sp, bool &removed_note_univ)

Static Public Member Functions

static string s_MakeUnculturedName (const string &taxname, const string &suffix=kEmptyStr)
static string s_GetRank (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply)
static bool s_IsAmbiguous (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply)
static bool s_OrganismNotFound (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply)
static string s_GetSuggestion (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply)
static bool s_CompareOrgnameLineage (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply, const string &lineage)
static void s_AddEnvironmentalSample (objects::CBioSource &bsrc)
static bool s_OkToTaxFix (const string &taxname)
static bool s_IsUnculturedName (const string &taxname)
static bool s_HasTaxId (const objects::CBioSource &bsrc)

Private Member Functions

void x_Reset ()
bool x_ShouldLookupTaxname (void)
string x_GetCorrection ()
string x_StandardFixes ()
CRef< objects::CT3Reply > x_GetReply (const string &standard_taxname)
bool x_CheckSuggestedFix (string &suggestion)
string x_TryRankFix (CRef< objects::CT3Reply > reply, string &name)
void x_ConvertNote (objects::CBioSource &biosource, const char *note_list[], const string &new_note)
 CUnculturedTool (const CUnculturedTool &)
CUnculturedTooloperator= (const CUnculturedTool &)

Private Attributes

CConstRef< objects::CBioSource > m_Bsrc
map< string, CRef< objects::CT3Reply > > m_ReplyCache
bool m_ConvertNote
 flag to convert species-specific note More...
bool m_RemoveNote_Sp
 flag to remove species-specific note More...
bool m_RemoveNote_Univ
 flag to remove universal note More...

Detailed Description

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