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CUsedTlsBases Class Reference

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#include <corelib/ncbithr.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CUsedTlsBases (void)
 ~CUsedTlsBases (void)
void ClearAll (CTlsBase::ECleanupMode mode=CTlsBase::eCleanup_Toolkit)
 The function is called before thread termination to cleanup data stored in the TLS. More...
void Register (CTlsBase *tls)
void Deregister (CTlsBase *tls)

Static Public Member Functions

static CUsedTlsBasesGetUsedTlsBases (void)
 Get the list of used TLS-es for the current thread. More...
static void ClearAllCurrentThread (CTlsBase::ECleanupMode mode=CTlsBase::eCleanup_Toolkit)
 Clear used TLS-es for the current thread. More...
static void Init (void)
 Init TLS, call before creating thread. More...

Private Types

typedef set< CTlsBase * > TTlsSet

Private Member Functions

 CUsedTlsBases (const CUsedTlsBases &)
void operator= (const CUsedTlsBases &)

Private Attributes

TTlsSet m_UsedTls

Static Private Attributes

static CStaticTls< CUsedTlsBasessm_UsedTlsBases

Detailed Description

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