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CVoidTypeInfo Class Reference

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#include <serial/impl/stdtypes.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CVoidTypeInfo (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CPrimitiveTypeInfo
 CPrimitiveTypeInfo (size_t size, EPrimitiveValueType valueType, bool isSigned=true)
 CPrimitiveTypeInfo (size_t size, const char *name, EPrimitiveValueType valueType, bool isSigned=true)
 CPrimitiveTypeInfo (size_t size, const string &name, EPrimitiveValueType valueType, bool isSigned=true)
virtual bool IsDefault (TConstObjectPtr object) const override
 Check, whether the object contains default value. More...
virtual bool Equals (TConstObjectPtr, TConstObjectPtr, ESerialRecursionMode how=eRecursive) const override
 Check if both objects contain the same values. More...
virtual void SetDefault (TObjectPtr dst) const override
 Set object to default value. More...
virtual void Assign (TObjectPtr dst, TConstObjectPtr src, ESerialRecursionMode how=eRecursive) const override
 Set object to copy of another one. More...
EPrimitiveValueType GetPrimitiveValueType (void) const
virtual bool IsSigned (void) const
virtual bool GetValueBool (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueBool (TObjectPtr objectPtr, bool value) const
virtual char GetValueChar (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueChar (TObjectPtr objectPtr, char value) const
virtual Int4 GetValueInt4 (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueInt4 (TObjectPtr objectPtr, Int4 value) const
virtual Uint4 GetValueUint4 (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueUint4 (TObjectPtr objectPtr, Uint4 value) const
virtual Int8 GetValueInt8 (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueInt8 (TObjectPtr objectPtr, Int8 value) const
virtual Uint8 GetValueUint8 (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueUint8 (TObjectPtr objectPtr, Uint8 value) const
int GetValueInt (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
void SetValueInt (TObjectPtr objectPtr, int value) const
unsigned GetValueUInt (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
void SetValueUInt (TObjectPtr objectPtr, unsigned value) const
long GetValueLong (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
void SetValueLong (TObjectPtr objectPtr, long value) const
unsigned long GetValueULong (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
void SetValueULong (TObjectPtr objectPtr, unsigned long value) const
virtual double GetValueDouble (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual void SetValueDouble (TObjectPtr objectPtr, double value) const
virtual void GetValueString (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr, string &value) const
virtual void SetValueString (TObjectPtr objectPtr, const string &value) const
virtual void GetValueOctetString (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr, vector< char > &value) const
virtual void SetValueOctetString (TObjectPtr objectPtr, const vector< char > &value) const
virtual void GetValueBitString (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr, CBitString &value) const
virtual void SetValueBitString (TObjectPtr objectPtr, const CBitString &value) const
virtual void GetValueAnyContent (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr, CAnyContentObject &value) const
virtual void SetValueAnyContent (TObjectPtr objectPtr, const CAnyContentObject &value) const
void SetMemFunctions (TTypeCreate, TIsDefaultFunction, TSetDefaultFunction, TEqualsFunction, TAssignFunction)
void SetIOFunctions (TTypeReadFunction, TTypeWriteFunction, TTypeCopyFunction, TTypeSkipFunction)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CTypeInfo
virtual ~CTypeInfo (void)
ETypeFamily GetTypeFamily (void) const
const stringGetName (void) const
 Get name of this type. More...
bool HasNamespaceName (void) const
 Check if data type has namespace name. More...
const stringGetNamespaceName (void) const
 Get namespace name. More...
const CTypeInfoSetNamespaceName (const string &ns_name) const
 Set namespace name. More...
const CTypeInfoSetNsQualified (bool qualified) const
 Set namespace 'qualified' property. More...
ENsQualifiedMode IsNsQualified (void) const
 Get namespace 'qualified' property. More...
bool HasNamespacePrefix (void) const
 Check if data type has namespace prefix. More...
const stringGetNamespacePrefix (void) const
 Get namespace prefix. More...
void SetNamespacePrefix (const string &ns_prefix) const
 Set namespace prefix. More...
virtual const stringGetModuleName (void) const
 Get module name. More...
void SetModuleName (const string &name)
 Set module name. More...
void SetModuleName (const char *name)
 Set module name. More...
size_t GetSize (void) const
 Get size of data object in memory (like sizeof in C) More...
TObjectPtr Create (CObjectMemoryPool *memoryPool=0) const
 Create object of this type on heap (can be deleted by operator delete) More...
virtual void Delete (TObjectPtr object) const
 Delete object. More...
virtual void DeleteExternalObjects (TObjectPtr object) const
bool IsCObject (void) const
 Check is this TypeInfo object is kind of CClassTypeInfoBase. More...
virtual const CObjectGetCObjectPtr (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr) const
virtual TTypeInfo GetRealTypeInfo (TConstObjectPtr object) const
const CSerialUserOpAsCSerialUserOp (TConstObjectPtr obj) const
CSerialUserOpAsCSerialUserOp (TObjectPtr obj) const
bool IsInternal (void) const
 Check if this TypeInfo describes internal unnamed type. More...
const stringGetInternalName (void) const
 Return internal type access string e.g. Int-fuzz.range. More...
const stringGetInternalModuleName (void) const
 Return internal type's owner module name. More...
void SetInternalName (const string &name)
 Mark this type as internal. More...
const stringGetAccessName (void) const
 Return internal or regular name. More...
const stringGetAccessModuleName (void) const
 Return internal or regular module name. More...
void ReadData (CObjectIStream &in, TObjectPtr object) const
void WriteData (CObjectOStream &out, TConstObjectPtr object) const
void CopyData (CObjectStreamCopier &copier) const
void SkipData (CObjectIStream &in) const
virtual bool IsParentClassOf (const CClassTypeInfo *classInfo) const
virtual bool IsType (TTypeInfo type) const
bool MayContainType (TTypeInfo type) const
EMayContainType IsOrMayContainType (TTypeInfo type) const
virtual EMayContainType GetMayContainType (TTypeInfo type) const
void SetGlobalReadHook (CReadObjectHook *hook)
 Set global (for all input streams) read hook. More...
void SetLocalReadHook (CObjectIStream &in, CReadObjectHook *hook)
 Set local (for a specific input stream) read hook. More...
void ResetGlobalReadHook (void)
 Reset global read hooks. More...
void ResetLocalReadHook (CObjectIStream &in)
 Reset local read hook. More...
void SetPathReadHook (CObjectIStream *in, const string &path, CReadObjectHook *hook)
 Set local context-specific read hook. More...
void SetGlobalWriteHook (CWriteObjectHook *hook)
 Set global (for all input streams) write hook. More...
void SetLocalWriteHook (CObjectOStream &out, CWriteObjectHook *hook)
 Set local (for a specific input stream) write hook. More...
void ResetGlobalWriteHook (void)
 Reset global write hooks. More...
void ResetLocalWriteHook (CObjectOStream &out)
 Reset local write hook. More...
void SetPathWriteHook (CObjectOStream *out, const string &path, CWriteObjectHook *hook)
 Set local context-specific write hook. More...
void SetLocalSkipHook (CObjectIStream &in, CSkipObjectHook *hook)
 Set local (for a specific input stream) skip hook. More...
void ResetLocalSkipHook (CObjectIStream &in)
 Reset local skip hook. More...
void SetPathSkipHook (CObjectIStream *in, const string &path, CSkipObjectHook *hook)
 Set local context-specific skip hook. More...
void SetGlobalCopyHook (CCopyObjectHook *hook)
 Set global (for all input streams) copy hook. More...
void SetLocalCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier &copier, CCopyObjectHook *hook)
 Set local (for a specific input stream) copy hook. More...
void ResetGlobalCopyHook (void)
 Reset global copy hooks. More...
void ResetLocalCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier &copier)
 Reset local copy hook. More...
void SetPathCopyHook (CObjectStreamCopier *copier, const string &path, CCopyObjectHook *hook)
 Set local context-specific copy hook. More...
void DefaultReadData (CObjectIStream &in, TObjectPtr object) const
void DefaultWriteData (CObjectOStream &out, TConstObjectPtr object) const
void DefaultCopyData (CObjectStreamCopier &copier) const
void DefaultSkipData (CObjectIStream &in) const
CTypeInfoSetTagType (CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType ttype)
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType GetTagType (void) const
bool IsTagImplicit (void) const
virtual CTypeInfoSetTag (CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag tag, CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass tagclass=CAsnBinaryDefs::eUniversal, CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType tagtype=CAsnBinaryDefs::eAutomatic)
CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag GetTag (void) const
bool HasTag (void) const
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass GetTagClass (void) const
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagConstructed GetTagConstructed (void) const
bool IsTagConstructed (void) const
void CodeVersion (size_t codever)
size_t GetCodeVersion (void) const
void DataSpec (EDataSpec spec)
EDataSpec GetDataSpec (void) const
void CopyInfoItem (TTypeInfo other)

Private Types

typedef CPrimitiveTypeInfo CParent

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CPrimitiveTypeInfo
typedef bool(* TIsDefaultFunction) (TConstObjectPtr objectPtr)
typedef void(* TSetDefaultFunction) (TObjectPtr objectPtr)
typedef bool(* TEqualsFunction) (TConstObjectPtr o1, TConstObjectPtr o2, ESerialRecursionMode how)
typedef void(* TAssignFunction) (TObjectPtr dst, TConstObjectPtr src, ESerialRecursionMode how)
- Public Types inherited from CTypeInfo
enum  EMayContainType { eMayContainType_no , eMayContainType_recursion , eMayContainType_yes }
typedef TObjectPtr(* TTypeCreate) (TTypeInfo objectType, CObjectMemoryPool *memoryPool)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CPrimitiveTypeInfo
static const CPrimitiveTypeInfoGetIntegerTypeInfo (size_t size, bool sign=true)
- Protected Types inherited from CTypeInfo
enum  { eNoExplicitTag = -1 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CTypeInfo
 CTypeInfo (ETypeFamily typeFamily, size_t size)
 CTypeInfo (ETypeFamily typeFamily, size_t size, const char *name)
 CTypeInfo (ETypeFamily typeFamily, size_t size, const string &name)
void SetCreateFunction (TTypeCreate func)
void SetReadFunction (TTypeReadFunction func)
TTypeReadFunction GetReadFunction (void) const
void SetWriteFunction (TTypeWriteFunction func)
void SetCopyFunction (TTypeCopyFunction func)
void SetSkipFunction (TTypeSkipFunction func)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CPrimitiveTypeInfo
EPrimitiveValueType m_ValueType
bool m_Signed
TIsDefaultFunction m_IsDefault
TSetDefaultFunction m_SetDefault
TEqualsFunction m_Equals
TAssignFunction m_Assign
- Protected Attributes inherited from CTypeInfo
bool m_IsCObject
bool m_IsInternal
CAsnBinaryDefs::TLongTag m_Tag
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagClass m_TagClass
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagType m_TagType
CAsnBinaryDefs::ETagConstructed m_TagConstructed
atomic< ETriStatem_CSerialUserOp

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