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IAppJobEngine Class Referenceabstract

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IAppJobEngine. More...

#include <gui/utils/app_job_engine.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CAppJobDispatcher TDisp
typedef IAppJob::EJobState TJobState

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IAppJobEngine ()
virtual bool IsActive ()=0
 Returns true if Engine supports "active" model i.e. More...
virtual void SetListener (IAppJobEngineListener *listener)=0
 For "active" mode set a Listener that will be notified when the state of a Job changes. More...
virtual void StartJob (IAppJob &job, IEngineParams *params=NULL)=0
 If Engine cannot start the Job and exception shall be thrown. More...
virtual void CancelJob (IAppJob &job)=0
 Cancel job in the engine If job is not running yet - just remove from the pending queue otherwise uses IInterruptible to notify the job about cancel request. More...
virtual void SuspendJob (IAppJob &job)=0
virtual void ResumeJob (IAppJob &job)=0
virtual TJobState GetJobState (IAppJob &job) const =0
virtual void ShutDown ()=0
 stop any background threads and free resources associated with the Engine More...
virtual void RequestCancel ()=0
 asyncronous request all jobs to Cancel More...

Detailed Description


Base interface for building engines for background job execution

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