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#include <gui/utils/extension.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef CIRef< IExtensionTExtRef
typedef vector< TExtRefTExtVec

Public Member Functions

virtual string GetIdentifier () const =0
virtual string GetLabel () const =0
virtual bool AddExtension (IExtension &extension)=0
virtual TExtRef GetExtension (const string &ext_id)=0
virtual void GetExtensions (TExtVec &extensions)=0
virtual bool RemoveExtension (IExtension &extension)=0
virtual bool RemoveExtension (const string &ext_id)=0
virtual ~IExtensionPoint ()

Detailed Description


IExtensionPoint interface represents an aspect of an application functionality that can be extended by pluggable components. Each Extension Point has a unique ID and represents an aspect of the application that can be abstracted. For instance an Extension Point can represent a place in a popup menu where arbitrary commands can be inserted. Any software component in an application can declare its own Extension Points to allow other components to add new functionality. Usually an Extension Point is associated with a specific interface and all Extensions contributed to this point must implement this interface.

Definition at line 84 of file extension.hpp.

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