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IMacroVar Class Referenceabstract

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Abstract interface for variable representation. More...

#include <gui/objutils/macro_rep.hpp>

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struct  SValue
 Variable value storage structure. More...

Public Member Functions

 IMacroVar (const string &var_name)
 Constructor & destructor. More...
virtual ~IMacroVar ()
bool GetNodeValue (IQueryMacroUserObject &v) const
 Fill in IQueryMacroUserObject-derived node Return true if successful. More...
const stringGetName () const
 Get the name of stored variable. More...
virtual bool IsGUIResolvable () const =0
 Returns true is the variable can be resolved via GUI. More...
virtual bool SetGUIResolvedValue (const string &new_value)=0
 Sets GUI resolved value. More...
virtual void Print (CNcbiOstream &os) const
 Prints variable. More...
string GetGUIResolvedValue ()

Protected Types

enum  EValueType {
  eValueTypeString = 0 , eValueTypeInt , eValueTypeFloat , eValueTypeBool ,
 Type of stored value (not the type of variable) More...

Protected Attributes

string m_VarName
 Name of variable. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual SValue x_GetValue () const =0
 Gets the variable value from derived classes. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for variable representation.

Definition at line 56 of file macro_rep.hpp.

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